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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

54 Years

What I wrote nine years ago.

Haven't forgotten that the Right was so poisonous in its hatred of President Kennedy that people were cheering.


Seth lePod said...

I was at Duke at the time. A dorm mate came in, practically jumping up and down with glee. "There still are saints in the world!"
Yes, some did celebrate. Hard to forget a memory like that.

Aaron said...

I certainly hope people haven't forgotten that he was shot by an actual card-carrying communist.

Comrade Misfit said...

The shooter was also a Marine.

Eck! said...

There are many things I remember if the day and what followed.
Did the train jump the rails or was it an illusion the rails
existed and the less than civil language was freed. We may
never know.

I remembered the assassin being called a marxist, the people
that were good with the presidents death, those that felt a
great loss had occured. Also the chaotic events that lead
to today.

Some would say the goold old days weren't so good. But I
can say the new days got badder.


w3ski said...

I was in 5th grade, and our school had set up a large TV in a class room and the school crammed in that one room to see. I remember my teacher crying openly.
Shakey day for a fifth grader. No one I knew cheered.
Yes, the world seemed to go to hell after that, but I wonder if we weren't headed there anyway.
I also wonder if there wasn't some plan that caused all that to happen.
So sad there is no "good guy, or woman" that will ferret out the answers for us.
I can't wait to see how our current era of "the Cheetolini" plays out. He and his cohorts have seem to have left a huge trail of evidence behind and I don't think we have hear the half of it yet.
I don't see that we will ever know the all of the Kennedy assassination but I so hope to see lots of the "Cheetolini affairs".

dinthebeast said...

I used to know Howard Hunt's son, Saint John. He's a really good guitar player, and I traded him a car for a '67 SG that was my favorite guitar one time. He claims that his dad said things about the CIA being involved, but he is also prone to conspiracy theories and I have reasons not to believe him on that one that I can't really talk about, and I myself am so damn sick of people denying the simplest aspects of reality that I decided to leave that one alone years ago.

-Doug in Oakland