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Friday, November 10, 2017

The Heat is Ratcheting Up

Federal investigators are examining whether former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn met with senior Turkish officials just weeks before President Donald Trump's inauguration about a potential quid pro quo in which Flynn would be paid to carry out directives from Ankara secretly while in the White House, according to multiple people familiar with the investigation.
This was the guy, remember, who was leading chants of "lock her up" during the campaign last year.

Guess Flynn will likely see the inside of the Graybar Hilton first.

1 comment:

w3ski said...

They got Manafort, first thing. He acts like a Mobster in my mind but whatever. They have him pretty well.
Now Flynn is another guy like that. So full of himself and his power, influence, and money. If he was smart, he would have stayed out of politics and the news, just gone with his money, but No, he wanted to be famous too, and now we know a lot more of what a weasel he is.
I suppose that people that get near 'the Cheetolini' can get visions of grandeur and think that they can get away with anything.
I cannot wait for the trials and sentences handed out.