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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Why Did Moore Stop Being a Perv?

The allegations keep coming that Roy Moore was pretty much preying on teenagers over a five-year span, even calling them up at school.

Why did he stop? It wasn't marriage, for he didn't get married until `85.

Did somebody in law enforcement pull him aside and point out that if he continued on, that he'd be arrested? Or did one of the male relatives of the girls he was creeping on have a little "man to shotgun" talk with him? Could any of that be why he left the area and went to work on a ranch in Australia?

He wouldn't be the first guy to realize that his behavior was not in line with a prosperous life. Is there such a thing as a "dry pervert"?


hans said...

back in the day, every gal had a big brother, a buncha big nasty mean sunsabitchin cousins, an uncle who was in the 82nd who had buddies at the VFW... And MOFOs like fk'n Moore just disappeared, or if the river was frozen there might be a smudge of rusty snow along a desolate logging road where some coyotes had left a little bit...

dinthebeast said...

I know a girl whose dad is a Hell's Angel, and hardly anyone ever gives her a hard time. We took her to a concert once, and she seems fairly intelligent and nice to be around.

-Doug in Oakland

pigpen51 said...

Roy Moore is a jackass. That is a given. The question I have is why do the people only come forward when it becomes politically expedient? Forty years is a long time to wait to come forward with these allegations. The right is just as guilty. Remember the Bill Clinton scandals, how his accusers only came forward when it could harm him politically?

Comrade Misfit said...

Pigpen51, people didn't come forward because they feared being disbelieved, if not ostracized. Moore is/was powerful. (Same thing held true for all of the kiddie-molesting priests.)

Harvey Weinstein seemed to have been the tipping point. A whole lot of guys, on both sides of the aisle, are going to go down for this. Moore may be an outlier for his creepiness, but he's not the only one out there.

B said...

One could also ask why the media (national media) won't cover this story either?


Seein' as how we are all going after sexual predators and all.

Unless, of course, there is a double standard. I mean, this is an arrest and such, not just allegations that happened (maybe) 40 years ago. Yet CNN and the other national media are silent. No one had to pay thousands of dollars for the testimony that got him arrested, either. But, of course, he is a DNC type and all...

If Moore can be proven guilty, I hope he is arrested too, mind you. If.

Comrade Misfit said...

Because it's all a big conspiracy. That's why there's been zero coverage of the accusations against Al Franken, for instance [/sarcasm]

Of course, the fact that Roy Moore has been a polarizing public figure for decades and nobody has ever heard of this David Alcon clown makes no difference.

Or that Moore is running in a general election and Alcon is some guy who filed papers to run in the primary and the DNCC isn't going to fund him, well, none of that matters either, right?

So, to recap: A no-name jerk, if he is a Democrat, is the equivalent to a nationally-known Republican. In your opinion.

B said...

Or Franken. I mean, he is not a no name. Yet I see no calls on CNN for his resignation. Nor the Post, Nor the Times.

And it was only after weeks that the story broke, because they couldn't hide it.

If true (and I give Franken the same benefit of the doubt) then he should follow the lead and resign, right? (I mean, they have pictures of his "Joke" and all, grabbing her boobs.) And, again, I ask, why didn't she complain back then?

Simply pointing out the double standard here.

Either it is bad, or it isn't. Either it is ok, or it isn't. Which is it?

Comrade Misfit said...

There is a degree of difference between groping at the breasts of an adult woman who is wearing full body armor (Franken) and perving on fourteen year olds (Moore). Both are wrong, but one is wronger.

I kind of feel sorry that you can't see that, B.

Stewart Dean said...

B and pigpen51: This is *NOT* a middle schooler's "But Johnny does it too!". This is about anybody doing it, about, really, and about time, a different and new day dawning. NOBODY should do it or should have done it. It's not chattel slavery or white supremacy (which certain elements of the Right, Alt-Right and People with Pointy Hatted white suits would like to see restored) but it is about the basic human dignity that should be the right of half the human race. Yeah, men and particularly men in power, have a hard time with being hard. Regrettably, that comes with the human wiring. But effin live with it and Be A Man in control of your masculinity, not some jerk who thinks he's God's Gift to Wimmen. Besides, what goes around, comes around. It doesn't matter how powerful you are, physically, politically, time and fortune will have its way with you, and sooner or later you will find yourself out in the cold wind, dependent on the kindness and mercy of some succor, the kindness of strangers who you never knew (because they weren't your kind, weren't powerful or had anything you wanted). And "Yonder stands the orphan with his gun".
This is about human decency, not party or creed or tribe....
And it's about one of the hardest and most gracious things a human being can do: admitting you're wrong, swallowing your pride, really listening and truly acknowledging the presence and inherent worth of other people. I'll give Franken some points for falling on his sword in this instance: it's *way* more than the vast majority of the Right wing powerful caught out have done

CenterPuke88 said...

The photographer who shot the Franken picture has a differing take, it was a staged shot with ALL parties aware. Franken has already stated he recalled the skit matter differently and called for an ethics investigation of himself.

As for why wait, because of numbers. One accuser is likely to be vilified and ignored, two is noise, three or more represents strength. Find8ngn two other accusers is the problem, and the reason these things are hidden for so long.

B said...


At what point is "wronger" enough that you will have the same standards of Dems and Repubs?

All I'm asking is when is enough, enough?

I think, if true then both should be forced out. If proven to be true.

Having a newspaper pay for accusations undermines the credibility though. Smacks of character assasination, especially during an election. Doesn't make the accusations untrue, just makes 'em look like they are.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., the two cases are pretty different, so the same standards bullshit doesn’t hold water...unless...explain the exact standard that applies, please. Does any incident/report/suggestion of harassment require immediate resignation? Ever? Irregardless? Be very careful how you draw your line, Donnie’s should obviously resign immediately if that’s the standard, along with most of his Cabinet.

That being said, the Franken situation needs looked at to determine what happened. We have a single accuser who made two charges, One of the charges appears to be false, based upon the testimony of two of three involved parties (so far), so this is a bit different than six plus accusers and other supporting data with no proven falsehoods (yet).

Comrade Misfit said...

Let's see:

Moore: Perped on many kids.

Franken: Perped on an adult.

Moore: Defiant and unapologetic.

Franken: Apologizes and asks to be investigated on ethics charges.

I see a difference. Hell, the law sees a difference (adults vs. children as victims).

Too bad Republicans can't see a difference.

dinthebeast said...

Apparently one of Moore's accusers is claiming that she got him kicked out of the mall where he was pulling his creepy shenanigans.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

Moore: Accused of (by PAID shills of the Post)....Oddly (and coincidentally) JUST BEFORE an election that the Dems will lose if Moore stays in.

Big difference in the reality and what you stated.

If they can prove, even one, I will gladly join you in demanding he step down. *If* they can prove it.

CenterPuke88 said...

B., you know that’s false for most R’s because Donnie said it and they simply ignored it...they’lol do the same for Roy, if it gets them a vote.