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Monday, May 15, 2017

What From Trump This Week?

President* Trump had a pretty active week last week. He fired the head of the FBI and caused so much turmoil there that he couldn't go visit to dance on the corpse.

What does he have on tap for this week? What new lies will he espouse?

One may think that what Trump is doing is nothing more the the incompetence of a narcissistic troll, who is lurching from one self-made crisis to another.

But there is also an argument to be made that Trump is doing this deliberately, that he, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions and the rest of their cabal seek to destroy American democratic institutions and impost an authoritarian state, if not an outright dictatorship.

Some of their motivations are fairly obvious. Bannon espouses an ideology that the only people fit to rule are those whose ancestors immigrated from European countries whose native tongues are Germanic languages.{1} They are the one that, in the neo-nazi view, are destined to rule over everyone else.{2}

Trump probably doesn't think about that, for if he did, he might fret that his prized daughter married into Jewish family.{3} What Trump would see is the chance to have a government that serves only the wealthy, where nobody would care about his legally-dubious dealings. Trump lusts after having a government where eminent domain is openly used to take property from homeowners so that his class of people can build hotels, casinos or golf courses.{4}

Few people, of course, would ever vote for that. So it gets camoflauged in nationalism, xenophobia and the slogan "make America great again". We all know it works. It has on a smaller scale. Politicans come in and promise similar things and the first thing they do is interfere with union contracts by "right to work" laws, which are nothing more than union-busting "you're gonna get paid a lot less money" laws.

The pro-gun side falls for this, because they promise that they will loosen gun laws. But show me an authoritarian state that likes an armed populace. Oh, they don't mind when the ruling classes own guns, but not the lower ones.{5]

Whether by accident or design, Trump is working to destroy our democratic system; a system where there are limits on the power of government and on the grabbiness of the 0.1%. Trump and those working in his Administration are traitors. The Republicans in the Congress vary between traitors, useful idiots and craven cowards.{6}

If you voted for Trump, this is all on you.

(Meanwhile, the wheels are loosening up at Trump's favorite source of fake news.)
[1] In times gone by, they called themselves Aryans.
{2} In times gone by, "lesser races" or "subhumans."
[3] If there is one group that is despised by the neo-nazis above all, it's the Jews.
[4] And not those pesky "open to the public" golf courses.
[5] The focus on "Saturday Night Specials" was to ensure that poor people couldn't afford to protect themselves.
[6] Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham and John McCain in particular. McCain and Graham are the worst, for they talk a good game, but when the votes come, they always put their party over their country.


The New York Crank said...

"Bannon espouses an ideology that the only people fit to rule are those whose ancestors immigrated from European countries whose native tongues are Germanic languages."

You mean like.....Yiddish?

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

B said...

Or, one could (if one could think rationally) that he is removing the unneeded layers of bureaucracy that inhibit the things that make America work well, and want a strong leader that can make the FBI what it once was, and institute of justice instead of the political farce it has become today....

Or are you afraid that the Judicial system will fail to stop any excesses? The US survived Barry's brand of extremism, it'll survive Trump's too. You just can't see that he is reversing (or trying, at least) the excesses of Barry the O and Bush before him.

But to do realize that, you'd have to look at his actions with an open mind.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, while I appreciate your insights, I'm getting tired of the backhanded insults.

But hey, maybe executive corruption is OK, so long as it's the wealthy profiting from it. Funny, though, when Billy Carter tried to leverage his fame as the First Brother (if that's a thing) in order to sell some seriously crappy beer (which made Narragansett look like Leinenkugel), I don't remember conservatives thinking that was OK. Same thing for Bubba's half-brother, come to think of it.

Not many others thought that it was cool to make a buck that way, but I guess standards were different then.

(And not, I'm not asking you to open your eyes and take in the grifting that is going on from the Trump family. That would be as much as an insult.)

Comrade Misfit said...

You mean like.....Yiddish?

No. People have largely forgotten that, to the original old-school white supremacists, a lot of what are now considered to be white folk were not so thought of by them: Jews, Slavs, Greeks, Italians, Frenchmen, Spaniards-- all were thought to be of inferior stock.

But especially the Jews.

montag said...

Comrade you forgot the Irish who were not considered white until needed as cannon fodder in the Great Slave Owners Rebellion. And even then someone else had to take their place at the bottom of the ladder.

DTWND said...

Okay, I'll look at him with an open mind.

Campaign Trump: "They're sending us their killers, rapists..."
Old me: What a racist!
New view: He's telling the truth!

Trump: build a wall! And they will pay!
Old view: what? How're you gonna do that? Fool.
New view: The man is a genius!

T: I'll bring back the manufacturing jobs!
Old: Really? You're going to strong arm Ford, GM, GE, Whirlpool, and all the other major manufacturers and demand they close all the overseas plants and they will?
New: Hell yeah! Dem bastards wanna sell in 'Merica, they gotta build in 'Merica!

T: I'll stop ISIS. I know more than the generals.
O: What!? You can't be serious.
N: Yes! We finally can flex our muscle and use our bombs!

T: Maybe the Russians can find the 30,000 emails.
O: Is he asking the Russians to interfere with an American election?
N: Putin can help with that. And he'll want nothing in return. That crooked Hillary!

T: My inauguration was the biggest in history.
O: Moron. Look at the pictures!
N: Those pics were edited. Of course everyone showed up, in the rain. They just were wearing white rain ponchos, standing on white tarps. That's why it's hard for the liberal media to see.

T: I'm going to 'Drain the swamp'
O: By putting in business cronies to run departments that they have no experience in? You'll stagnate the government into inaction so nothing will get done.
N: Yup! Hehehehe.

T: I had the most electoral votes ever!
O: Do some research, idiot.
N: Biased liberal media, Fake news! Alternative facts!

T: Obama had me wire tapped
O: He can't order something like that. It has to come from a a court order, buffoon.
N: That's abuse of power! Figures, coming from that kind of fella!

T: I will repeal Obamacare.
O: You'll take health insurance away from the ones that can least afford it, cold hearted asshole.
N: If they can't afford it, then they should just get it over with and die.

T: The FBI director won't declare his loyalty to me.
O: He already swore to uphold and defend the constitution when he became an agent.
N: He was cool when he went after Crooket Hillery. But now he should go cause he's comin after one of ours!

T: This Russian probe has gone on long enough.
O: It'll end once the FBI investigation is complete.
N: now that Comey is fired, we can get back to gettin' what's rightfully ours! Woo Hoo! Make America Great Again!

I may get a second yellow card from Ms. Comrade, or even red carded, but Jesus H Christ, how many times are you going to let this guy lie to your face before YOU take a look at how bad things have gotten? We are on the threshold of a national crisis and all you can argue is that Obama was worse. Your guy won. Congrats. Now could he start acting like a president instead of acting like he's out to retaliate against everyone who didn't vote for him? Or stop trying to destroy the planet by denying science? Or stop trying to squeeze every last nickel from every working American to give to his Wall Street pals?

I've got more, but my fingers are tired of typing. I think you get the gist.


B said...

Show me "Grifting". Not innuendo. Real.

And if you take my suggestion that you take a rational look at your beliefs and (Moreso) attitudes about Trump as an insult, then I will apologize. I merely use your own methods. 'Tis, after all, how you treat others.

I'll try to treat you better.

CenterPuke88 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Comrade Misfit said...

CP88, the last line in your post was over the top.

Please don't do it again.

CenterPuke88 said...

Apologies, Comrade. Entire comment deleted.

B said...

CP: Why do you have to act like a child just because we disagree? Childish attacks don't make your case. In fact, they undermine it.

Debate like an adult, and you'll go farther. I know, it is easy to go over the line. It is easy to get petulant. I do it too, occasionally. But that doesn't make it right or civilized.

CenterPuke88 said...

Interesting B., if you read it you know that 95% plus of my post was devoted to providing the grifting examples you asked for, I simply closed with a single inappropriate comparison. If you didn't read it, you have no idea what kind of a comment Comrade was referring to, so you made a speculative denouncement. Read your own words.

B said...

I read it. I ignored it for a while before responding. My response wasn't speculative.

Your examples of "grifting" were not very realistic nor worth responding to.

I think the redefining of history by removing the confederate monuments is stupid. And your comment was a cheap shot.

Comrade Misfit said...

B, you didn't need to do that. He deleted his post before you commented on it.

Everyone, review Rule 2.A, please.

Thomas Ten Bears said...

I thought Yiddish was more firmly rooted in Cyrillic. Moot, it is, in the generally accepted vernacular, to wider implications overlooked: "white" has been rather loosely applied down through the years. Generally more accurately applied to the color, or lack thereof, of the hood pulled over their faces.

The white-dogs need to suck it up, the Neanderthal were assimilated. Resistance is futile.