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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Baby-Sitter for Trump; Twitter Ed.

The White House is considering having a team of lawyers approve Donald Trump's tweets, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday, citing an advisor to the president.
I cannot see how Trump would ever comply with that. Even if it's in his best interest, legally speaking, to not tweet any more, he can't not do it. Twitter was a big part of his rise to political power. It's how he talks to his base. It's his pipeline to Fox News and the rest of the Batshit Press, which use Trump's tweets to develop their talking points.

Given where Trump's presidency is now, he would have been far better off if he had listened to the pros and stopped tweeting after he had won. He couldn't or wouldn't do that, for reasons that probably nobody, not even Trump, fully understands.

But if he stops tweeting now, or has his tweets vetted by lawyers (same thing, really), then it's a pretty clear tacit admission that Trump is in trouble and he has been forced to realize that.


Thomas Ten Bears said...

Would they be editors, or censors?

B said...
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