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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trying Again- FBI Search Ed.

The team tasked by the White House with finding a new director for the FBI is resetting its search, a senior administration official told CNN.
Trump is in a pickle of his own making. While he'd likely love to slot in a political toady, like Joe Lieberman, he may have been persuaded that such a pick wouldn't go over very well. On the other hand, someone with real integrity and ethics won't listen to subtle hints to drop the Russia investigations.


dinthebeast said...

On the other hand, he has an opportunity to appoint someone qualified and free from the sort of scandalous baggage that seems to be dragging his presidency down, which would go a long way towards making him and his crew appear legitimate in the eyes of folks who are doubting that legitimacy about now.
The only downside is that if he's guilty, it might speed up the process of catching him.

-Doug in Oakland

Stewart Dean said...

Ummmmm. Anyone with the integrity and sense of self preservation of Planaria is already fleeing the embrace of Trump and his radioactive administration. Of course, that still leaves a substantial fraction of D.C. and the GOP...nd even a good bit of the Democratic Rose Bowl float, I mean Party. Can one give the Darwin Award to a political party? The GOP should surely qualify based on moral turpitude. The Dems are quite there yet, but are hopefully taking corrective action to get their head out of their ass. The GOP hasn't quite figured out there's a problem