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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Doofus Move

One of Trump's lawyers was asked by Senate Intelligence Committee investigators to provide information that he had about his own contacts with Russian officials. The lawyer, in essence, told them to go screw themselves.

So now the Committee has, unanimously, authorized both its chairman and the ranking Democrat to issue subpoenas as they see fit. Up until this point, subpoenas apparently had to be authorized by the Committee. Now they have a nice stack of pre-signed ones to use.

I know that Trump likes to play legal hardball. But he's in a different league, now, and he doesn't seem to know that.


B said...

Yes, a Doofus move.

But Barry's folks ignored congresses subpoenas as they saw fit, I don't see why Trump cannot do the same.....

Not that I think it was a good thing when Barry and his folks did it, and I don't think it would be a good thing now.

Either Congress has the power, or they don't. Barry showed that they don't. Trump can play by Barry's rules here.....

dinthebeast said...

David Cay Johnston said that Michael Cohen was president four-year-old's attempt at a replacement for his former lawyer and mentor Roy Cohn. He characterized him as having the same "all attack all the time" strategy without the polish of Cohn.

And I agree that neither of them understand what they're playing with.

-Doug in Oakland