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Saturday, May 27, 2017

When is This Ever OK?

Calling black men "niggers" to their faces" Referring to an adult black man as a "boy"?

When is that OK?
A candidate for Southampton Village Board in the June 16 election placed a call to Village Police last summer and used a racial slur when referring to a group of black men who were standing in front of her home in the Hillcrest neighborhood.

Valerie Smith, who is white, on Friday confirmed that she made the call, and used the slur, after a recording was obtained by The Press on Friday via a Freedom of Information Law request—and she went on to defend her use of the word, and used it several more times in an interview.
On Friday, Ms. Smith said her use of the racial slur was no big deal, and she should be entitled to use it whenever she wants.
The dispatcher acted professionally during the call, though it took him a few tries to get her name.

I suspect that if a few slurs were to be directed at her, she might take umbrage with them.


Thomas Ten Bears said...

I have found using such language when addressing white dogs quite effective in capturing their attention.

B said...
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B said...

She is correct: It is her right to use such language. First Amendment and all that...

And it is the right of her constituents to not reelect her. And the right of businesses not to serve her. And the right of her church to excommunicate her and the rest of the community to shun her....And in a perfect community that is exactly what would happen. ...

Sadly, I doubt she lives or serves a perfect community.

Anonymous said...


dinthebeast said...

I've never been comfortable with that word myself, but I used to have a housemate from Amarillo who thought it was hilarious, especially when he had been drinking, which was most of the time. He thought he was using it ironically, but we tried to tell him that it wasn't smart to just assume everyone would get the joke.
I think it was the third time he woke up with staples in his head that finally got the message across.

-Doug in Oakland

Stewart Dean said...

Trump and the foul wind he brought with him has "empowered" a lot of people with shit in their heads to use it in their mouths. As always, sunlight is the best disinfectant. It isn't pleasant to have it out in the open, but it's better there so it can be seen and heard as the plague wind it is.
Grew up in the South. When you see cottonmouth around your house, you get rid of them. They're poisonous. I suppose God made them to (perhaps to be educated and educate us), but evil is a tasty brew to Do Not Want Around.

B said...

How can you blame this on Trump?

You need help.

DTWND said...

B, B, B.

Easy to cite Trump as a source. His lack of decorum (disrespect of prior president) , civility toward others (elbowing in front of foreign dignitary), use of coarse language (Billy Bush tape), lack of respect toward women (re: Bush tape), bragging about how much better he is than others ("I know more than the generals", "I'm the only one that can stop ISIS"). That's just off the top of my head. If I had the time to dig, I'm sure I could come up with more examples of ill manners, bullying, bravado, egotism, etc.
With a 'leader' such as we have, some of the 'lesser educated' (just remembered that one) among us are interpreting his actions and behavior as now being acceptable in society.

I used to act somewhat like him myself in the past, but then I was taught by my parents (via some sort of punishment) that my behavior was unacceptable and I changed. To me, Trump is not a man, other than in age and size, but still just a spoiled child in his temperament. He is not the type of person that I want my grandchildren to be proud of.

Your constant defense of Trump and many of his indefensible actions, statements, and positions is bordering on the laughable. I would like to see statements from you critical of the president more often than I have.


B said...

I'm sorry I don't criticize the President as much as you'd like. I was unaware there was a quota for me....

Perhaps you should post something on your own blog to give me pointers as to when I should....and under what circumstances I should criticize him.

When you do so, I'll post criteria for you as to when you should praise him for his good behavior.

I still am having a hard time making the connection between someone using a racial slur and being able to blame that piss poor behavior by a private citizen on Donald Trump.

Did he give an Executive order saying was ok to use racial slurs? Was there a press release I missed. Does he use such language in his speeches? Is there a quota for such things like those you want for criticizing Trump?

Or are imputing blame where there is none to attached just "because Trump"?

dinthebeast said...

B: There was a fairly well-documented incident from when he was a landlord in New York (I think he was still working for his dad at the time) when he said "We don't rent to niggers."

So there's that.

-Doug in Oakland

B said...

So something he said 20 years ago. Taken out of context. And I think you might have the details incorrect or not complete.

And you're gonna blame this asshole bitch in the original post on Trump? Really? No wonder no one takes you folks seriously.....

dinthebeast said...

No, I'm not "blaming" anything on anyone, we all are responsible for our own actions after the age of majority. But when wondering, as I sometimes do, how anyone could get to so utterly fucked-in-the-head of a state as to display the sort of behavior as they display, I sometimes wonder at the specific influences that could have contributed to the aforementioned fucked-in-the-head state, so as to be able to try and avoid them myself.
And if you want to try to defend president four-year-old for his fostering of some of the worst behavior and attitudes present in the population in his effort to use white resentment to get elected, go right ahead, but know that when you do you are telling me a lot about your character.

-Doug in Oakland

DTWND said...

There is no quota for you to adhere to. My statement was merely to point out that time after time you rise to the defense of the indefensible. The president says the media is the enemy, and then we see a reporter being body slammed for asking his questions. Trump has incited violence at his rallies when a protester shows up and peacefully questions his stance on issues. "Throw him out! Get him outta here!" we're the words utter by Trump and then punches were thrown. Trump uses coarse language when he's irritated, and other like-minded people feel it is okay to vent and spew epithets in the current society. The level of civil discourse is declining and I think you can attribute a large part of that to Trump.

Most of the people that read Ms Comrade, I believe, are of the mind that Trump is incompetent, imbecilic, and unfit for the office. When you consistently try to spin events, after a while it begins to read like Charlie Brown's teacher, "Wa waa waa waa waa."

I'm not trying to tell you how to think or what to say, I'm simply stating how you come across to me when I read your responses.


B said...

"When you consistently try to spin events, after a while it begins to read like Charlie Brown's teacher, "Wa waa waa waa waa." "


and yet, you can't use that as a criticism of your own behavior? Your own judgement?

You should look at your behavior from outside yourself.....

You consistently denigrate Trump for behavior you accepted in both Barry and Hillary. you accept behavior from a Democrat or a liberal (but I repeat myself) that you won't accept from Trump. You have a terrible double standard but you are so biased you cannot even see it. I may be.

Understand, the reason Trump is president is because the Parties gave shit for other choices. They ran over the RNC candidates that might have gotten support and gave us shit like Cruz and Bush. The other side gave us a Socialist and a criminal who sold her offices for profit. Yes, I know you will defend her, but really, you can't, if you are honest with yourself. I dislike Trump greatly...but he was the best of a bunch of bad choices. And I dislike it when anyone gets denigrated with a double standard.

If you were honest and realistic in your criticism, I'd be silent. But you folks aren't. At least you personally are polite in your disagreement and don't go off on childlike rants like others here...

DTWND said...

As I recall, President Obama never disclosed intelligence to foreign officials, never called the media 'Fake" when they reported something he didn't like, never insulted entire groups of people, never insulted other countries or their representatives, never degraded 55% of the country (read women), nor ever was belligerent toward protesters that disagreed with his position.
I DO recall that President Obama tried to motivate the economy with a plan that was watered down by a Republican Congress whose stated goal was to make him a one term president.
I DO recall that Obama tried to provide basic health care to millions who otherwise could not afford it. I know your position on Obamacare, but I personally know of 5 different people/friends who would be bankrupt but for the Affordable Care Act.
I also remember Mr. Obama relying on real scientists when evaluating climate change or global warming or whatever is the current catchphrase.

As far as Hillary, I didn't like that she kept state secrets on a private unsecured server. I also believe that the entire State Department was to blame for Bengahzi. She, being the SOS, should have taken responsibility and resulting punitive actions. Harry Truman's "The buck stops here" approach.
The Clinton Foundation did make her and her husband millionaires I'll grant you. but I would also argue that the foundation did good for those less fortunate; something you nor I can say about Trump's business interests.

I cannot point to one single instance where President Trump's childish, bullying antics were emulated by either President Obama or Ms. Clinton. I don't think you can either. The lying press, fake news, build a wall, etc. was all espoused by Trump, which I feel divides this country into a us versus them mentality.

That being said, I did vote for her. The lesser of two evils, I guess. On this, you and I disagree; I'd rather have a diplomatic individual as President, you'd prefer a businessman. Two differing views. I think I am honest and realistic with my criticism. If the vote had been different and Hillary were doing the same antics as Donald, I'd be just as critical. Only much more embarrassed since I voted for her.

In closing, I would venture a guess that you would disassociate and distance yourself from any common person who acted as boorish and pompous as Mr. Trump. I can say for certain that I would.