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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Reason #2,654,981 Why I Won't Be Appointed an Appellate Court Judge

A white supremacist petitioned a court for mercy, asking the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday to overturn his conviction and death sentence for killing nine black worshippers in a racist attack at a Charleston church.

The notice filed by attorneys for [the Asswipe of Charleston] was an expected move in what's expected to be years of appeals in his federal case. Earlier this month, the federal judge who presided over [Asswipe's] trial rejected his first appeal, ruling that the conviction and death sentence for the June 2015 massacre at Emanuel AME church should stand.

[Asswipe], 23, was sentenced to death earlier this year. Authorities have said the self-avowed white supremacist opened fire during a closing prayer of the Bible study session.
Because "Appeal denied, and go fuck yourself" would not exactly constitute proper judicial decorum.

But I'm sort of a mind that, when the decision is handed down, that's what it will boil down to.


B said...

I hope they fry his ass.

Murder is murder. Wholesale mass murder is even worse.

Hate based may be even worse yet, (if possible).

I cluld pull the trigger on this asshole and sleep well that evening.

Comrade Misfit said...

On that, we are in total agreement.

DTWND said...

Doesn't it always seem to happen with these fringe lunatics? They are all gung-ho to do unto others according to their dim witted ideology, but when it comes time to pay the price for their actions, they plead and beg for mercy. The very thing they wouldn't/didn't show to their victims. Even if he would suffer while undergoing the final judgement, that wouldn't ease the pain and suffering of those that have lost loved ones.