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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Word- Trump Edition

Trump is a hell of an overachiever: It took him less than 120 days to reach the same point in his presidency that Nixon reached in 4.75 years.

This was true then:
“Whether we shall continue to be a government of laws and not of men is now for Congress and ultimately the American people.” -- Archibald Cox, October 20, 1973.
And it is true today. If you've been keeping track, Comey is the third person who was investigating Trump to get fired for doing that.

Which makes Comey's firing sort of a slow-scale Saturday Massacre, only moreso. Nixon was a seasoned pol and understood the system that he was trying to manipulate. Trump, on the other hand, is really just a rich thug with, at best, a second-grade-level understanding of the presidency. He is advised by people, such as Bannon and Sessions, who, at their core, are enemies of democracy. Trump has an elementary-level understanding of the military and of foreign affairs, which partially explains why he seems to be as erratic as a child on crack.

This presidency is a cancer and a far more virulent one than was Nixon's.
In other Trump-related news, Operation Butthurt has been strangled in its crib. Because there is no case to be made.


Latitude 43 said...

You are awesome. Every time I feel the need to explain how I feel about the recent bizarre events I just send them your link. You ever think of running for office?

Comrade Misfit said...

Jesus Horatio Fucking Christ on Roller Blades: NO!!!

And even if I wanted to, you don't think that there is any shortage of nuggets in this blog that would make for a few good negative ads?