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Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Trio of Stainless Threes

Smith and Wesson revolvers with three-inch barrels, of course. Top to bottom: A Model 60-15 (J-frame, .357), a Model 65-3 (K-frame, .357), and a Model 696 (L-frame, .44 Special).

I have previously written about the Model 60 and the Model 696. The Model 65 was the first gun in which I can say that I truly got somewhat stung on an Internet deal from a dealer.

Before the repairs, I had test-fired the gun. At 15 yards, it shot eight inches to the left. the yoke button that was damaged was built back up and then machined down. The barrel was torques a little to the left. It still shot 2" to the left, so I brought it back to my gunsmith and asked him to twist it another RCH to the left. He had told me he thought that it wasn't quite on, but he wanted me to shoot it before he moved it any more. Which he did and now the gun shoots as well as any of my other fixed-sight K-frames, including the old M&P that I snapped up last year.

Speaking of a M&P revolver, I got to handle a S&W R8 the other day. It is a N-frame Model Model 327 (8-shot .357) that has a Picatinny rail atop the frame. Apparently the identified market for the gun is for police SWAT breaching teams, when a cop is holding one of those huge shields in one hand and poking a handgun around with the other hand. If the gun used is a semiauto and the slide touches the side of the shield, the gun will malfunction. Whereas a revolver won't give a shit.

I guess if one was hog-hunting at night with NVGs and put an IR laser on it, it'd be quite handy. As a home-defense gun, one could add on a light. But unles you're a human mountain, it's not a gun that a person is likely to carry concealed.

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