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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Shorter Trump Spox: "Comey's Been Fired, So It's Time to Stop Investigating Trump's Russian Ties."

Spicer's assistant liar pretty much has given the game away.

Which, to my way of thinking, shows that they don't give a shit about anything remotely resembling the rule of law. The excuse of "do things Americans care about" would, if taken honestly, mean a full and impartial investigation of Trump's Russian fuckery. Because people do care about that.

Trump's firing of Comey is, to quote Jeffrey Toobin: "Transparently bogus."

Update #1: Sen. McConnell, aka "Toady #1," defended Trump. No surprise there.


Nangleator said...

We're approaching the time... He sees the wolves closing in, and knows only violence will protect him from justice. This is the time for a wannabe dictator to create a crisis that will enable him to declare an emergency. Martial law.

It has to be bigger than 9/11, by quite a bit.

He has the power to cause this... he probably doesn't have the smarts on his team to successfully frame someone else for his crime, but that won't matter if enough of the military stays on his side.

Thomas Ten Bears said...

Look for a reachout to Dick Cheney.