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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Gimme That Old Southern Hatred

So there was an old married gay couple in Mississippi. They'd been together for half-a-century and got married after the Supremes said it was legal for them to get married.

One of them got ill and died. A funeral home agreed to handle things. But then it got hateful:
The couple’s nephew, John Gaspari, made the arrangements ahead of time with Picayune Funeral Home, the only funeral home in the county with an on-site crematory, according to the complaint. Zawadski had hoped to hold the funeral there so the couple’s local friends could pay their respects. On May 11, 2016, Gaspari contacted the funeral home to let them know Huskey had died.

But after filing the paperwork, including a document naming Zawadski as next of kin, Gaspari got a call from the nursing home. “The Nursing Home relayed to John that once received the paperwork indicating that Bob’s spouse was male, PFH refused service because it did not ‘deal with their kind,’ ” the lawsuit stated.
I'll withhold comment as to the lack of humanity or basic dignity with regard to the staff and owners of the Picayune Funeral Home in Picayune, Mississippi. Because all of that is self-evident.


B said...

We disagree on many things, you and I. But not on this, I think.


montag said...

One definition of Picayune is petty and worthless.

CenterPuke88 said...

Grew up just down the road in Slidell, LA. In the '70's and 80's, even the people in Slidell thought Picayune was backwards...and that was coming from a pretty racist/homophobic base point.