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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Mothers are important:

I hope you did something nice for the mothers in your life. And not just today.


w3ski said...

Privately here, I admit to that name problem. The kids themselves are fine, I can remember all 4 with no problem. Spouses and Grand Kids and now Great Grand Kids have left me in the dust."Jason (the kid) and Jordan (the Dad)? How the heck am I supposed to get that right? Hayden my Grandson, has Leo, named after my Dad, and that one I can remember. But Jason, and Cloe, and whoever after that? I am totally Lost now.
First off I need a written Address Book with current names and Children and Birthdays, etc. But, I am not a type A and it will be sadly a few more years till I get to that.
"Yea, that's me"

Thomas Ten Bears said...

I still mix my twins up, pushing forty. Doin' alright with the grandkids but am worried about the g-grandkids that will start showing up later this year.

How did that happen?

w3ski said...

You "lived" sir, and taught your kids to Live also. That's how Great Grand Kids happen