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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Coming Soon, to a Police Department Near You

The APKWS, a 70mm IR-laser-guided rocket. Designed for firing from helicopter gunships, it's also capable of being used by jets, which is why the Zoomies are buying them.

The cops now use armed drones to kill people. There's no real distinction between sending in a robot with a bomb and using a precision-guided munition.


BadTux said...

Yet only you and I seem to notice that the same rationale used to send in a robot with a bomb could also be used to send in a helicopter gunship with a precision missile like this. WTF? Is that the kind of nation we want, where American cities can be bombarded with precision missiles because it's "too dangerous" to arrest suspects the old fashioned way? Due process, R.I.P....

deadstick said...


Already been done, with a hand-dropped bomb. Philadelphia, 1985.

BadTux said...

Deadstick: You'll notice that so many people expressed revulsion over the MOVE bombing that it took 30 years before police once again tried to blow up a crook...