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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Muscovian Candidate?

I'm not sure if this just bullshit or if there is some strength to the argument that Trump is the candidate of Vladimir Putin.

The premise is that Trump's business empire would have collapsed without Russian money. After his string of commercial bankruptcies and dealings boring from shady to deceptive, American banks probably wouldn't make an auto loan to The Donald. So he turned to Russian money.

When you add in that bit of information, Trump's stated willingness to abrogate the North Atlantic Treaty makes sense. So does the fact that several of his advisors have ties to the Putin regime (or its lackeys).

Beyond that, Trump's deep ties to Russia and his admiration of Putin's authoritarian style of rule (among other thugs) should give thinking conservatives some stomach pains.

For if there is one thing that authoritarians don't like, it's the proles owning weapons.

Update: Not just liberals wonder about the Putin-Trump entanglements.

1 comment:

Borepatch said...

I'm skeptical of the Russia angle. That came out too quickly (how would the DNC know? What audit of their servers have they done?). It has been picked up too universally by the news media, which suggests over simplification of the story (the press spells "security" with a K).

This could very well have been a mole - someone who supported Sanders and thought that the Fix was in. That's just speculation, but I'm not buying the FSB angle, at least not yet.