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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Linkage From the Infidel

I learn amazing stuff from Infidel753's links.

1. Housecats are not the solitary animals that most people think they are. They're not exactly pack animals, but kinda sorta.

2. Remember all the complaints about ISIS destroying historical sites? Seems some Christians are no better.

3. Macy's has been acting as their own judge, jury and executioner. With any luck, they will be infested with a plague of lawyers.


Joe said...

Of course Christians are no better. I was taught in school that we retain books by classical Greeks and Romans because Christian monks preserved them from destruction. Much later, I learned that the destruction was by more fanatical Christian monks who were determined to wipe out every trace of paganism.

The guy who preserved all the statues of Marcus Aurelius by telling those primitive Taliban that they portrayed Constantine is one of my heroes.

w3ski said...

I've seen a case where the 'owners' of chick fill a, have been found with Artifacts from Iraq, some 'lost' after the invasion.
Amazing what the greedy bastards will do

Anonymous said...

Scratch Macy's off the shopping list


The New York Crank said...

Two comments:

1. Didn't the Aztecs believe in human sacrifice? If Jehovah's Witnesses can justify destroying Aztec historical artifacts because they believe God commands them to, descendants of Aztecs should be entitled to lay Jehovah's Witnesses out an altar and rip their beating hearts out. It's only fair.

2. Nothing new about Macy's gestapo tactics. More than 50 years ago, my first job, for a summer, was as a Macy's "salesgirl," even though I'm quite distinctly male. ("Girls, here's how to ring up a sale," I was told in a training class.) We were warned that at night the store was patrolled by dogs that would rip us apart if we lingered after quitting time, such lingering being a clear indication that we planned to steal merchandise. (Who would want to linger all night, in the dark, in that dump anyway? But that's another story.) At one point, in mid-day, right on the sales floor, the house dicks arrested a "salesgirl" for stealing from the register. They could have asked her to accompany them to the back room to make an arrest, but they preferred to humiliate her and make a big scene of it by handcuffing her in the middle of the sales floor. Was she guilty, or simply another victim of Macy's private dickery? I have no idea. But it's interesting to note that they evidently had been targeting her for a while, and that she was the sole Afro-American. in our basement gift shop sales group.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank