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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump-Putin Alliance

Donald Trump has openly called for the Russians to interfere in our electoral process.
Donald Trump appeared to call on Russian hackers Wednesday to find 30,000 of Hillary Clinton's deleted emails, adding a stunning twist to the uproar over Moscow's alleged intervention in the presidential election.

"They probably have her 33,000 emails. I hope they do. They probably have her 33,000 emails that she lost and deleted because you'd see some beauties there. So let's see," Trump said at a news conference, referring to emails that Clinton judged as personal and did not hand over to the State Department from her private server, which she used to conduct official business.

The billionaire businessman then went even further, in remarks that left open the possibility that he would be open to Moscow staging a new hack against the United States to find the emails.
Then Trump donned his idiot hat and proclaimed that he has no idea who Vladimir Putin is.

Trump once said that he could kill somebody and be elected. He's pretty much betting, now, that he can also be elected after conducting himself as though he is a Russian tool.

On this issue, at least, the Republicans in the Congress who would look into such things are content to sit back and keep their yaps shut. Which absolutely would not have happened in the candidates' roles were reversed.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the russkies can find Trumps tax return while they are at it, such horseshit

hans said...

Having the Ruskies find Mr T's tax returns would be so fine... Love IT!

B said...

Or he could just be trying to find the truth tht the feds helped Hillary hide...

I fail to see how getting the truth put before the People is "openly called for the Russians to interfere in our electoral process"...especially since the press and the Justice Department is helping her hide the truth.

samuel glover said...

1) I can't quite see it as a positive development, when the supposed "progressive" party is determined to turn Putin into our latest bogeyman, and then inflate him to superhuman dimensions. But I guess it's easier than actually putting some thought into a **sane** foreign policy, and advocating that.

2) The hysteria's one thing, but what really leaves the bad aftertaste is the hypocrisy. For one thing, it's downright surreal listening to **American** leaders complaining about foreign meddling in sovereign affairs. But it's the doublethink that really rankles. If we're really so distraught about foreigners turning our precious political system to their own ends, maybe we should talk first to our wonderful friends in Riyadh and Tel Aviv?

Anyway, out of all the Dem "strategists" and Beltway "consultants" and hangers-on in that convention, how many do you think have **ever** turned down a Russian oligarch when one wanted to be a client? That goes for the Clintons, and their "Foundation" slush fund, in spades.

And no, none of this is intended as a defense of Trump. Our fabulous political system -- thanks, sainted founders! -- has served up two heaping portions of absolute shit.

dinthebeast said...

I kinda like self government, myself. Sure, there are plenty of things to criticize, but I try not to lose sight of the advantages before I start advocating tearing things down.
As for Trump and the Russians, I seem to remember a certain US president who had to resign over a bungled DNC break in, and this was definitely a DNC break in.

-Doug in Oakland

BadTux said...

Hmm, good point, Doug. What did Trump know, and when did he know it?


Comrade Misfit said...

B, that's assuming that the FSB "releases" unaltered, let alone genuine, e-mails. Which would be a whopper of an assumption.

Joe said...

Nothing about this election has surprised me as much as apologists for Russia showing up in the comments here.

bearsense said...

Perhaps they can also find the W. Bush admin's "lost" e-mails.

Comrade Misfit said...

Bearsense, weren't there something like 22 million missing emails from Karl Rove's private server?

Borepatch said...

I've worked in computer security for 30 years and I'm *wildly* skeptical that the Russians hacked the DNC email server. They certainly have the capability, but the story is far too tidy. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it were a Bernie Bro system administrator who leaked it to Wikileaks.

As to Hillary's homebrew server while she was Secretary of State, the starting assumption with potential disclosure of classified information is that the Russians have it. That ship has already sailed. It's not surprising that the media is talking about how Trump is using this issue rather than (a) the incredible lack of judgement on Clinton's part to do this in the first place, (b) what was her motivation - and was it keeping Clinton Foundation fundraising from foreign sources hidden from possible Freedom Of Information Act requests, and (c) what the implications of having a President who could be blackmailed by the Russians is.

Trump is doing the Republic a service by forcing this back into the public eye. NONE of these questions have been addressed,

Old NFO said...

Obviously the left doesn't understand sarcasm... They swear the Russians hacked the DNC, but swear they couldn't have hacked Shrillary's email... GMAFB!!!

BadTux said...

"Old NFO", you appear to be missing something. We have *EVIDENCE* that the Russians hacked the DNC. As in, intrusion logs, IP addresses that the hackers were coming from, copies of the tools they used to extract data, the works. We *DON'T* have evidence that the Russians hacked Hillary's email server, the FBI searched for evidence once they had her email server in their possession but found no such evidence. That doesn't mean the Russians didn't or couldn't have done so. But it means that we have no evidence. And without evidence, making any statement about whether her email server was hacked (or not) requires assumptions that, to put it bluntly, makes the assumer an ass.

-Badtux the Security Geek Penguin

BadTux said...

"Borepatch", I have looked through the information that has been disclosed thus far. I agree with both the FBI and with the DNC's own contract intrusion detection security consultants -- it appears that two different hacking groups, one associated with the GRU and one associated with the FSB, were inside the DNC's network, in the FSB's case for more than a year.

As for who leaked the information, that appears to be yet a *third* group, which somehow had access to information obtained by the first two groups. This third group claimed to be a single Romanian hacker but its responses to questions showed that it was neither Romanian nor a single person nor an actual hacker. I can think of only one conceivable place where a third party can gain access to information obtained by two different intelligence agencies, and that is in Moscow very high up. Perhaps even as high up as the Office of the President. Combined with the information that the pro-Russia troll organization operating out of the Office of the President has been re-purposed as a pro-Trump troll organization, it may very well be the very same organization.

If you have additional information I'd love to see it. I'm just operating on the information available to me at the moment, though, and the vast preponderance of that information points to the Russians.

- Badtux the Security Geek Penguin

Paul Harris said...

Let's hope that the Chinese Army's hackers can come up with private dirt on Trump, so as to put the Dems back on an even footing. And It'll let US citizens know what it was like living in most countries during the Cold War, when we and the USSR played god with their lives and politics.

3383 said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Russia was releasing doctored or invented email documents. They were allegedly practiced at it during the Cold War, at least according to Mitrokhin.

Joe said...

Paul, now you've got me curious. We know about Trump's ignorance, bigotry, disloyalty, fraud, and incestuous pedophilia. What "private dirt" can you imagine that's worse than the things everybody already knows?

bearsense said...

Comrade EB - - Yep ! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bush_White_House_email_controversy