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Thursday, July 7, 2016

How to Bribe, err, Persuade Politicians
(Yeah, That's the Ticket!)

It'd be a variation of this:
  • Day 1: Walk into his/her office and say: "Gee, I think you're a great public servant, please accept this $25,000 donation for your campaign."
  • Day 2: Walk into his/her office and say: "I'd like to suggest that you support/oppose Bill No. ###, as that is near and dear to my heart."
  • Day 3: Again, walk into his/her office and say: "I don't believe that your timepiece reflects a person of your stature. Please accept a gift of this Rolex."
You might think that is bribery. It apparently isn't to the Supremes. For them, it has to be "vote for/against Bill ###, here's $25Gs."

And so, the American Oligarchy marches on. If you're not rich, the only time most of the politicians want to hear from you is on election day. The other 729/1,459/2,189 days of their term, they really don't give a rat's ass what you think.


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Borepatch said...

Since we don't get to be governed by Philosopher Kings, this is an argument to decentralize power. It will decentralized graft, which will naturally tend to limit it compared to what it would otherwise be.