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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Muscovian Candidate?

The evidence is beginning to seem pretty good that the DNC hack came from Russian intelligence services, and that "Guccifer 2.0" is a Russian sock-puppet.

Given that, then can anyone trust that the Russian spooks didn't alter any of the emails?

Having said that, imagine, if you will, that the Chinese hacked into the RNC and published things to embarrass the GOP and Trump. You can bet your next paycheck that the same media outlets who are studiously downplaying the Russian angle would be waving their bloody flags of outrage.

The Russians have interfered in our electoral process. There needs to be an official response beyond strong words.


hans said...

I'm calling bs on this Russians-did-it line...


BadTux said...

Who is this Jeffrey Carr, Hans? I know who Bruce Schneier is. He's a legend in the security industry. I have his books, they've taught me half of what I know about computer security (the other half I learned by doing, LOL). He seems pretty convinced that the (multiple) hackers of the DNC have at least some affiliation with Russian intelligence agencies, even if it's just on a freelance basis where they sell the FSB/GRU data that they stole. Some of the targets they've gone after simply aren't the kind of targets that you'd go after if you were looking to sell data to typical customers, who usually are looking for data that's useful for identity theft and credit card fraud. You don't hack the DNC's email server looking for data that can be sold to identity thieves!

Anonymous said...

Commies in every corner. Crying wolf doesn't last long. Most of what was stolen has been sold all over the world.

hans said...

BadTux... Jeff has been around the security biz about as long as Schneier. But I put that link out as a starting point too. I've been networking computer systems since the early 80s, so like you I've got some feel for this stuff. What bothers me is that we've jumped directly into mere assertion w/o any forensic proof so the whole game has shifted from an exploration for facts into arguments from authority and authorities that have a business interest in yelling the commies-are-under-your-bed.

I also have a lot of trouble believing the Russians are so incompetent as to leave a bread crumb trail back to them because of the taint against the evidence that would result. I also note that, so far anyway, the accuracy of the content isn't being disputed. But no one is paying attention to the contents. Clinton has many powerful and sophisticated enemies besides the Russians.

But if your real purpose is to totally discredit Wikileaks and paint them as stooges for the nasty-evil-commie-foreigners you've nearly hit a home run joining together Putin-Guicifer-Trump-Assange in the public mind.