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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Cowards of Brexit (Plus News From Ft. Fumble)

Another one of the Brexit leaders has quit:
Nigel Farage's slogan during his 20-year campaign to take the UK out of the European Union was "I want my country back".

Now the UKIP leader has achieved his ultimate political ambition, seemingly against all the odds. And he has turned that epithet on himself - telling reporters that he "wants his life back" and is now standing down.
Yeah, sure. It'd be like Prime Minister Tojo saying, on December 8th, 1941 "I've achieved my goal, all y'all can finish up the pesky details."

Meanwhile, the Air Force is refusing to disclose how much their new B-3 B-21 will cost, claiming that telling the American taxpayers how much the Zoomie's new tow would help the enemy. But they say it will cost under $600 million apiece.

Which is poppycock. The Air Force leaders, both civilian and military, who make that assertion ought to be dragged down to the Capitol's holding cells and waterboarded.

The only "enemies" who would be assisted by revealing the true cost of the B-21 are those who are opposed to continually giving those fuckers blank checks.


deadstick said...

"Prime Minister Tojo saying, on December 8th, 1941 "

Actually it would be the 9th for him...;-)

hans said...

At least as far back as 1970 it was impossible to audit DoD... they're a sovereign unto themselves and can print their own money ... as far as I know, Treasury has never returned one of the checks they issue to contractors marked 'insufficient funds' ...

Nangleator said...

Maybe we can get cost overruns matched by contributions from Pentagon officers: For each dollar this bomber goes over budget, a drop of blood gets extracted, starting with the highest ranking officers. No cheating now... no officer gets to quit the program. When there are no longer any living officers in the Pentagon, we can run the pipeline into the bloodstreams of Grumman (or whoever's) executives and investors, and continue sucking away until the program is under budget.

3383 said...

I have fun with the Chair Force rank and file, but the top leadership has always had a policy of "get more money, more money, more money" for decades.

They must've deleted the B-21's office of overpowering the foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Brexit - the Tories are picking up the log. Theresa May looks like a leader.

dinthebeast said...

I guess Farage doesn't remember the blowback Tony Hayward got for using that line, or perhaps he doesn't care...

-Doug in Oakland