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Monday, July 25, 2016

In What Alternate Universe Does This Make Sense?

US internet firm Yahoo will be sold to American telecoms firm Verizon Communications for nearly $5bn (£3.8bn) in cash.
Microsoft has to be pleased that its bid to buy Yahoo eight years ago for nearly nine times as much cratered.

In which lunatic asylum was this deal hatched? I have had one Yahoo account; to call it "spam-ridden" would have been an understatement. The last time that Yahoo mattered as a search engine was when a Clinton was president.

Some troll of a banker is getting filthy rich from this deal. That's the only way it makes sense-- another corrupt bit of financial chicanery.

Wonder if Goldman Sachs is involved....


mark.smeraldi said...

This is just Verizon doing what they do best- confusing having lots of money with being smart. These mooks also bought AOL for 4.1 billion in an ill-fated attempt to penetrate the millenial video-streaming market.

bearsense said...

Like your Yahoo e-mail account, my Verizon account damn near wore out my "delete" key.

Comrade Misfit said...

I've got a used vibrator that I'll sell to Verizon for $1.5 billion. It'd be more useful to their top brass than Yahoo will be.

Anonymous said...

Marissa Meyer = a poor man's Carly Fiorina?

Mark Rossmore said...

Yahoo itself is likely worthless, but it does own a variety of sub-companies that may add up to that value. One of them--Flurry Analytics--was bought by Yahoo a couple of years ago. They make metrics/usage-tracking software used in thousands of apps.