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Friday, July 22, 2016

Give Officer Fife a Nerf-Gun, Updated

(Earlier post)

So now the story is that Officer Fife shot the Black guy who was lying in the street with his hands in the air because he thought that the white autistic man, who was playing in the street with a toy truck, had a gun. This is from Barn's union mouthpiece rep, no less.

Yepper, that's some world-class police work going on in North Miami Beach.

OK, guess we need to hold more training, like before.

Be seated and pay attention, Barney.

This is a toy truck:

This is a gun:

This is a toy truck:

This is a gun:

Even though this may prove to be an exception to the rule that "there are no stupid questions", do you have any questions, Barn'?

Class dismissed.


Robert Fowler said...

Calling this idiot Barney is a insult to Barney.

BadTux said...

So the officer's defense is that he shot the black guy because he's incompetent to hit a white guy with a rifle from 20 feet away?! WTF?! I mean, hell, I'm blind as a bat without my glasses, and even *I* probably could manage to hit someone from 20 feet away with a rifle *without* my glasses. Sure, dude I was shooting at would just look like a big blur, but center of mass is center of mass no matter how blurred...

If this officer's defense is that he is incompetent, he needs to be fired for incompetence. Just sayin'.

BadTux said...

Plus the therapist was yelling at the police, "He has a toy truck in his hand. A TOY TRUCK!" So if this officer is telling the truth, not only is he blinder than me without glasses, but he's more deaf than I am too -- and I worked near turbines in my youth and have a nice case of ringing in the ears to accompany my day, so that's pretty damned deaf. Clearly unfit to be a street cop if he's both blind and deaf!

CenterPuke88 said...

Maybe police bullets are attracted to the darkest skin in the area? What the hell other excuse could they have?

Anonymous said...

In the cop's defense, the toy truck had a broken taillight...

Jack the Cold Warrior

Bukko Boomeranger said...

You know the saying: "When all you've got is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail." Well, when all you've got is a weapon (because you don't have brains) then every problem looks like a target.

If you were a cop, or a sociopath -- but I repeat myself -- why wouldn't you shoot anyone you wanted? You know you won't get prosecuted for it. How many police who have done egregious things while on duty have been convicted of crimes and put in prison? I don't know, because I haven't read about any. I reckon if there were more than a handful of rare instances, I would have seen mentions. The prosecutors and judges are friends of police -- they are the real "Blue Team" in the Blue vs. Red divide. They're not going to nail one of their friends to the wall for anything short of mass murder of schoolchildren while a police officer is on duty. So why not shoot first, if you know that all that will happen is that you'll be asked questions later. You'll have the tacit approval of your fellow police workers, and that's whose opinion counts when you're a cop. Not what civilians think. And you don't care about their pain, property or lives because you consider them the opposition, those whiny bitches that you have to babysit when they're all criminals and scum, in your law-enforcer opinion.

Jeez I despise police. Amerikan ones, that is. Probably Russian, communist Chinese and other Third World police forces too. The ones in Australia mostly seem half-decent, at least insofar as I've dealt with, although they still put my hackles up because they have the power to use force against me. I'm in the Washington, D.C. area at the moment, though, and I've seen WAY more flashing police lights/car pullovers today than I'd see in a month rambling around my big city Down Under. Is it because Amerika is full of crims, or is it because this hellhole is a police state. Some of both, no doubt, but I reckon the balance scale tilts toward the latter.