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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Well, No Shit, Ace, Look Whom She Married!

So, not only did Melania Trump plagiarize Michelle Obama's speech, she also has been lying about graduating college.

But hell, look at her husband. He's so loosey-goosey with the truth that his name should be a synonym for being a bald-faced liar.

And speaking of The Donald, take a look at the chairs from his house:

Somebody once joked that Trump had hired Saddam Hussein's interior decorator (which might explain Trump's affinity for the dead dictator). But it matters not.

The Donald has managed to pull off both being rich and having no class whatsoever.

UPDATE: Melania's keyboard:


Paul Harris said...

You should lay off Melanoma. She's Donald Trump's wife.

She's suffered enough.

Anonymous said...

Truth matters not in the time of bread and circuses.

deadstick said...

At least she will never, ever let you down...;-)

Comrade Misfit said...

Deadstick, that's the subject of a followup post.