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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Is "Romney the Experienced Manager" Running Such an Inept Campaign?

Romney has spent a lot of time touting his experience at managing businesses and making them work. What he doesn't spend as much time bragging about is the fact that he has been running for the Presidency for the last seven years.

So why is he now stumbling so badly? Why does he say the stupid things that he has been saying? Why does he tolerate having a senior staffer who is laboring under the delusion that the Soviet Union still exists?

And when he screws up, why the frak doesn't he just say so and then move on? His doubling-down on his gloating over the slaying of four American diplomats in Benghazi was unseemly and it may have hurt him badly.

This campaign is by no means over. But if Mittens loses, I'll bet that the pundits will mark mid-September as the beginning of his failure.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't mid-September, or maybe a bit earlier, marked as the point of no return for McCain too?

BadTux said...

Here's the deal. People like Mitt Romney don't get to be managers based on what they do. They get to be managers based on who their daddy was. And once they're installed as a manager, they mostly spend time playing golf with *other* managers and pretending that they're actually "networking" to sell their company's products to those other managers. Which actually does happen, but not that often.

I've had a couple of these managers in the past and they can't actually manage their way out of a hole in the ground. They don't know their company's products, they don't know their company's development cycle, they have absolutely no clue as to what their company does to make money, but they have a gold nameplate on their solid-oak desk and nice paneling on the walls of their office so they're executives now and managing. Why, they even putt-putt golf in their offices, just like the stereotype says!

The best of them are good at gladhanding. Then there's Mitt Romney, who clearly flunked that class. But none of them are worth a bucket of warm spit -- they don't do any work, they don't know what their company does or how it does it, they don't know anything except how to gloat about how they're such great people and such great contributors to the economy because their connections got them an executive office...

Obama was a community organizer. He learned there how to get a lot of people organized doing things. Romney was one of these "executives". He learned there how to call his secretary err "office manager" when the coffee pot in his office ran dry. The difference in how the two campaigns are being run reflects that difference. The Obama campaign is organized, on message, and relentless. The Romney campaign is an effin' clown show. 'Nuff said on that.

Comrade Misfit said...

Yes, but that was because McCain was flailing around when Lehman Bros. went under.

Comrade Misfit said...

There is something to be said for that. I once worked for a company where the CEO was the kid of the founder. He was about as useful as the artwork in the conference room.

bearsense said...

A neighbor who works in PR (he's Canadian, forgive him) knows a couple of folks that worked for the Romney campaign in'08. Asked why they weren't working for him now, they said that the guy who ran in '08 wasn't running this year.

Cath said...

Because they think the cold war is still going on? They cannot buy and read the current maps of the world?We know they have the Money to purchase the current cartographic renderings, however the utilization there of is for the non-essential hourly waged personnel, not management
As for the claim that Obama "abandoned" Czechoslovakia, that country was dissolved in 1992 -- over 16 years before he took office.