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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Moocher Class; Corporate Edition and a Serious Right-Wing Flip-Flop

There are some large corporations which do not pay any income tax, including Boeing, American Electric Power, Duke Energy, Tenet Healthcare, General Electric, Consolidated Edison, Wisconsin Energy, Verizon, Ryder, and others.

No telling whether or not Stench is going to get them to take any responsibility for their existence.

On another note, you can find no shortage of Wingnuts (including Stench) who are decrying that the Obama Administration isn't funneling arms to the Syrian rebels. Some of those Chickenhawks want American troops on the ground there. Some of them are the same clowns who advocated for the same thing during the Libyan rebellion.

And yet, it's now easy to find Wingnuts who are decrying the Arab Spring revolts for deposing tyrants who were sort of friendly to American interests. So within weeks of Bashir Assad eventual fleeing Syria (or being quickly executed like Ceausescu), expect to hear from Right-Wing "serious thinkers" who will argue that we should have supported Assad.

All of them have also conveniently forgotten the "freedom agenda" of George W. Bush, where he tried to push Arab governments to transform themselves into democracies.


w3ski said...

Not to say the US ever had a solid forrien policy worth a damn, but this latest round has me scared stiff. Stench (I love that) calls up Israel after our President does? Next thing is the newt myster going to visit Afganistan??
Too many idiots now, can't we somehow keep them from starting ww3 when they aren't even elected?

The New York Crank said...

"There are some large corporations which do not pay any income tax, including...Consolidated Edison..."

Well, of course not! Con Edison is based in New York City, which everybody knows is a furrin' country. So they don't owe taxes to the US of A.

Crankily yours,
The New York Crank