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Friday, September 7, 2012

2004 and 2012

To set the stage, recall that in 2000, Bill Clinton was finishing up eight years as President. The Democrats nominated Al Gore, who lost the election.[1]

In 2004, Bill Clinton spoke at the Democrats' convention.

In 2008, George W. Bush was finishing up eight years as President. The GOP's nominee, lost heavily.[2]

In 2012, at the Republican convention, George W. Bush was nowhere to be found.[3] In point of fact, the man who was the last Republican president barely rated a mention. Apparently, only his brother Jeb felt obliged to mention his name, let alone defend his atrocious record.

Hard to see why, for Bush did what Republicans like: Cut taxes for the rich, pour shitloads of money into defense and rack up large deficits.

But to listen to the GOP nowadays, it's as though they haven't held the White House since Reagan left office.

Curious, that they need to run away from the last two Republicans who were elected president.
[1] By a 5-4 vote to George W. Bush.
[2] Well beyond the Republicans' ability to steal.
[3] Presumably, he was too busy inspecting coal mines in Ulan Bator.

1 comment:

Improbable Joe said...

If you compare what the Republicans say about Reagan versus what he actually did in office, it seems more accurate to say that they are running all the way back to candidate Reagan's campaign promises. They can't even run on the record of any modern Republican president, because if they go back as far as Nixon they run into a guy who could be considered slightly to the left of Obama on some issues.