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Monday, September 10, 2012

Memo to Self About AT&T

The next time I ever think about getting services from AT&T, I will slam a car door on my hand to remind me that it will be frustrating, painful and that I'd be better off using carrier pigeons.

A tech came in to fix the fax line. He quickly figured out that the reason why the voice line didn't work is that it was a VoIP line, the phone had to be plugged into the AT&T modem box, and nobody at AT&T had told me that or that it was going to be VoIP.

So fine, everything works.

Until I needed to send a fax to the state capitol. The line said that I needed to enter a special "long distance code". I plugged in a telephone and dialed a long distance number-- same result.

What the fuck is a "long distance code", other than the number 1? It's not as though I am trying to call Tokyo!

I need a beer.

UPDATE, 9/11: And now the fucking fax line, even with just a telephone plugged into it, doesn't work. They may have it fixed tomorrow, twelve damn days since I first placed an order for the phones. It'll probably all be ironed out no later than 2032.

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Oldfool said...

The clip with Arlo is perfect.