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Thursday, March 11, 2010

When Salt is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Salt!

Of all of the troubles facing the state of New York, including a highly dysfunctional legislature, a politically-neutered governor and a whopping budget deficit, some asswipe of an assemblyman from Brooklyn is seeking to make it a crime for a chef to prepare food if one of the ingredients is salt. Send four meals out with a pinch of salt added, that's four violations.

So this would become a criminal instrument in a restaurant kitchen in New York, if that jerkoff's bill were to become law:Don't those fuckers have anything better to do in Albany? Has winter completely addled their brains? I wish this was a joke, but it is not.

The true joke, of course, is the NY State Legislature, the Official State Circus.



SkinnyDennis said...

Next time somebody ribs me about living in Californistan, I'll send them that link!

Anonymous said...

. . . and people thought we are all a bunch of assholes here in Florida . . . HELLLLOOOOO!

Eck! said...

You cannot make pasta without salting the water first.

Some foods would taste like dirt without
a pinch of salt.

NY city used to be a really good place
to eat one cusine way down one street
and a different one up the other.

Also salt serves many other purposes in cooking including preservation.

Damm they are stupid.


montag said...

I have been living in or near New York all my life and I still can't figure out if strange things happen to normal people elected to Albania or is it only strange people who are elected to Albania?

Unknown said...

I can imagine a million New Yorkers marching to the sea to make salt in defiance of the Assembly.

I want to imagine that, anyway, but since they've meekly fallen in line on every other "public health" crusade, it might just be wishful thinking.