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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Possession of a Snowball is a Felony?

Apparently so, at least in New York City, where four young men were having a snowball fight. One of the snowballs hit a plainclothes cop, who pulled a gun on the four dudes, called for backup, and arrested them for criminal possession of a weapon.

And people wonder why the NYPD is regarded by millions as an "army of occupation"...



Nangleator said...

I'd like to be that kid's lawyer.

"Where's this so-called weapon, your honor? And were my client's fingerprints on it?"

Nangleator said...


A police source said the cop, who was in street clothes, was barraged with snowballs and taunts and chased down the street "in a threatening manner."

What a lying sack of shit. He had a gun. He's a cop. So he runs away down the street before realizing it? Or he figured out what an ass he is and had to make up a story to cover arresting kids for throwing snowballs?

BadTux said...

What is it with cops scared of snowballs? Remember that incident a couple of months ago where a D.C. plainclothes cop pulled a gun on *another* group of people who were having a snowball fight? Dude.

Used to be, cops had balls that, like, *clanged* when they walked. Would go into even the worst neighborhoods armed only with a billy club and a 6-shot .38 special revolver and their big clanging cajones. Nowdays? Marshmallows, folks. Marshmallows.

- Badtux the Clanging Penguin