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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Tew-Mac Airport as it once was:

Now a bunch of generic condos, because the world needs more faceless condominium projects.

But at least they made some use of Tew-Mac after they killed the airport. This is the Stormville Airport (N69). The legend is that the operator of the airport died; the offspring who inherited the airport were not interested in running it, so they drove the aircraft that were based there away and closed the FBO. They hold flea-markets there a few times a year, which is probably as many as they can get away with under the local zoning codes.

The airport is still officially open, possibly because the operator took Federal grant money for improvements. But there are no services to be had, no airplanes are based there. You can see the taxiways that ran by the tiedowns on the far side of the airport. Occasionally, someone will shoot landings into the airport.

South of Stormville is the old Mahopac Airport. It was a grass airport and the only airport in Putnam County, New York. It closed about seven or eight years ago. Nothing has been done with it since.

The county government bought the land for "watershed protection" reasons, as Putnam County is within the reservoir watershed for New York City. To be honest about it, if the environmental officials in New York City had their way, nobody would be living in Westchester County north of I-287, in Putnam and Dutchess Counties, and in and around the Catskill Mountains.


BadTux said...

Just more evidence of the general aviation death spiral. As aircraft become more expensive, fewer people join the hobby. Fewer people joining the hobby means aircraft vendors have to raise their prices to meet their fixed costs. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Hmm, sounds similar to the health insurance death spiral, now that I think about it...

- Badtux the Flightless Healthcare Penguin

NYEMT said...

Don't forget Sky Acres Airport, which is also in Dutchess County, and still alive and well. Just had a crash there last week, unfortunately. I live within five miles of Sky Acres, and fifteen or so (as the plane flies) from Stormville. There are also three (that I can think of) private landing strips in my immediate area, as well. So the little guys are still out there.

Nangleator said...

Breaks my hear to see Tew-Mac in that old post card picture. I drive by it sometimes.

Never, ever saw a better spectator's airport. My flight instructor used to like to blow the skirts up on the girls walking by on Rt. 38 during the takeoff run.

Comrade Misfit said...

Nangleator, I have flown into Tew-Mac. I was sad to hear that it was converted into fucking condos.