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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fascist Thugs

Threatening violence and carrying out acts of vandalism because your side lost a political fight?

Real classy moves. And they are sowing the seeds of future defeats for their case, as nobody cares for the opinions of bullies and thugs:
The dark and personal tone of the final stages of the health fight could complicate Republican efforts to maintain their attacks on the legislation if they are seen as inciting an undue level of outrage and, conversely, could bolster Democrats if opponents of the measure are seen as breaching the boundaries of civility.
No "could" about it. It will make it harder for Republicans. It will also push moderates towards the Democrats' positions, as there are legions of reasonable people who will not want to be associated with foaming goons and neo-nazis.

By the way, remember the "individual mandate" that has the Teabaggers and their boot-licking allies in the GOP so upset? Guess what: It was a Republican idea. Mitt Romney was for it (though if he hasn't flip-flopped away from it, he will). John McCain was a very early advocate of an individual mandate. Democrats were more in favor of a public option or even single payor, but went with the Republicans' idea.

But now, because it was a Democratic congress that pushed health care reform through and because it was Democratic president that signed it, the Republicans are against an individual mandate.

The GOP has no ideas, all they have is a deep-rooted need to play the politics of a schoolyard. They are the proverbial "dogs in a manger". So much for "Country First", a campaign slogan that has always been a absolute and total lie.


Marc said...

As was stated on another blog, "Country First" is simply a targeting priority.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why more of the morons are not arrested. People advocating violence and basically stating a desire to invalidate an act of Congress and nobody is behind bars? Considering that in the Bush years a few folks were arrested for wearing the wrong t-shirt or button, and the very plan to disrupt a meeting by protesting; I don't know why bullshit like telling folks to break windows hasn't resulted in warrents being issued.

deadstick said...

Comparing Democrats to Nazis while they stage their own Kristallnacht...oooh, the delicious irony.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it just? Of course, the lunacy makes my head spin, but I'm blond so I may as well be dizzy.

Nangleator said...

Thank you so much. This "mandate" info is good ammo.

montag said...

And now the latest attack has been on Eric Cantor. This is probably the result of confusion on the part of the teabaggers. They must have thought that since he is Jewish, he must be a Democrat. Now Eric is out there asking why can't we all just get along. Maybe he should ask his buddy, the Lesser Orange Satan John Boehner.

BadTux said...

Montag, Boehner would just answer "Hell no we can't!" if asked "can't we just all get along?" :).

Still waiting for any Republican politician to denounce these acts of violence and calls for acts of violence? Hello? Anybody out there? (crickets).

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Anonymous said...

Is there any independent corroboration of Cantor's claim? I haven't been able to find anything but his statement, & I wouldn't take the average Repug's word on 1+1=2.

BadTux said...

Turns out that the bullet "fired at Cantor's office" was actually fired up to a mile away as celebratory gunfire. I.e., it fell from the sky on a ballistic trajectory, rather than coming through the window into the office. Some moron fired it up into the sky celebrating a wedding or some shit like that, and it fell back down (as bullets are wont to do) and smashed through Cantor's window in a mostly vertical direction, coming to rest in his window blinds immediately below the pane that was shattered.

Now, somebody could have fired it at Cantor's office from an airplane, I suppose. But that's the only way you can state that someone was firing "at Cantor's office", given the angle that the bullet hit his office at.

- Badtux the "Sigh, Republican liars strike again!" Penguin

Comrade Misfit said...

Cantor is a lying sack of shit. According to this report in the WaPo, the bullet penetrated the window glass and failed to penetrate the window blinds.

Any bullet aimed at his office and fired from a reasonable range, other than maybe a .22CB or a .22 short, would have blown through the window, the blinds and imbedded itself in the wall, or maybe a few walls away, if they were sheetrock.

Which means that his office was hit by a spent round fired a considerable distance away and, like the Rethug he is, Cantor is lying through his teeth.


BadTux said...

Ain't just your opinion, Earthbound. It's the opinion of anybody who has the slightest goddamned idea of how bullets behave in flight. Which, alas, does not include the majority of our gullible press, most of whom think guns are something that has to do with biceps and bullets have something to do with circular splotches of ink on paper, apparently.

- Badtux the Ballistics Penguin

montag said...

My bad for believing any report from a Republican.