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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recount By the Firm of DeLay and Rove

That'll be the ticket:
The Iranian regime today seemed to be reversing its position – which had seen Ahmadinejad declared the winner by a landslide – as the embattled president arrived in Russia for a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

The country's powerful guardian council said it was ready to hold a recount in areas disputed by opposition candidates. No details of the scope of the recount and who would carry it out were available.
Well over a hundred thousand people demonstrated in Tehran yesterday, despite being told by the government that live ammunition would be used to put the demonstration down. It was the largest demonstration in Iran since the protests against the Shah in 1979 and the protesters chanted the same slogan: "Down with the dictator!"

I suppose I could snark about how when presidential elections are stolen in this country, people just shrug, but that makes it seem as though Iranians care more about democracy than Americans. But that simply cannot be true, just ask Glenn Beck.

UPDATE: To add this:

(H/T for the cartoon)


Anonymous said...

What you are talking about is the Democrats way, only. In 2000, the Repugnants sent what amounted to storm troopers to be certain that no "inappropriate" re-counts happened. The Democrats were left flat footed and the rest is history.

Gordon said...

I think the cartoon applies more to the masses who were too busy to bother with anything so trivial as honest elections. The Repugs took full advantage of it as you say.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I respect Iranians who did what Americans were too lame to do after Bush stole the election.
More power to them.