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Friday, June 19, 2009

TSA Has a "Well, Duh" Moment

The Homeland Security Department's inspector general said Wednesday the national security threat posed by general aviation is "limited and mostly hypothetical."
I have to wonder what is going on, though. The TSA and their parent agency, the DBP, operate by creating irrational fear. Giving up the "ZOMG, Cessna 150s Are Coming To Kill Us" line would seem to be counterintuitive for the TSA. They are not going to get far by adopting policies based on rational threat evaluation.


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Sarah said...

A breath of fresh air. Let's hope the backlash on TSA's recent initiatives ( LASP, SD-08G ) brings some sanity.

Here is what happens when GA is used by a determined, suicidal paramilitary organization. Not too impressive, is it?