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Sunday, June 22, 2008

McSame's Veep?

According to the Times of London, Tim Pawlenty, the governor of Minnesota, is on the short list to be the vice-presidential candidate behind John McBush.

Pawlenty believes in something called "Sam's Club" conservatism, which I guess means that he is going to import lots of cheap-shit ideas from China: “Sam’s Club is a metaphor for hard-working, middle-class people who want government to be effective and to deliver value.”

Wrong. Republicans are not about "effective government," Pawlenty.

Republicans are about destroying government. Republicans are about fucking over the middle class.
Republicans don't give a fuck about anyone who makes under $300,00 a year in investments.
Republicans don't give a rat's ass about anyone who takes home a paycheck.
Republicans are about giving tax breaks to the super-wealthy.
Republicans are about raping the land and pillaging the seas so their rich campaign contributors can make more money.
Republicans are about corrupt no-bid contracts.
Republicans are about committing war crimes.
Republicans are about demolishing our system of checks and balances in favor of power in the hands of an unchecked tyrant, accountable to no one.
Republicans fear dissent, they fear free speech.
Republicans are about staffing government with ideologues in the Soviet model.
Republicans hate the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, Fourteenth and Nineteenth Amendments to the Constitution.
Republicans hate the bedrock freedom of Anglo-American law: The Right of Habeus Corpus.
Republicans love America and hate 93% of the people in it.

If you cared at all about the middle class, Pawlenty, you should have become a Democrat, like Jim Webb did. You are in the Party of Bush, the Party of Tyranny, the Party Against Freedom.

But you know that for, after all, you have been loyal to George Bush and now you are loyal to his political son, John McBush.

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CrankyProf said...

I guess means that he is going to import lots of cheap-shit ideas from China:

Massive human rights abuses?
Massive curtailment of freedoms?
Massive disregard for the environment?
Massive abuses of power?