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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pity the Airlines?

James Wysong asks: "But in the back of your mind, don’t you kind of feel sorry for the airlines?"

Ah, no. I don't.


Chuck Pergiel said...

I don't fly if I can help it. Air travel is the very peak of technology and the very pit of civilization. The terminals are the worst part:
- the stupid security warnings blaring over and over again. Don't warn people that unattended bags might be picked up, just do it.
- The long lines waiting to get through security.
- The way all flights are scheduled to land and take off at the same time. That is what leads to airliner traffic jams on the ground and in the air.

I would be all in favor of a return to regulated air travel. Tickets would start at a $1000 and go up in increments of $1000. There would be negotiation, no special deals, and no riff raff in the air. It would probably cut the number of air travelers by 90%, and reduce the number of airlines to three, but we wouldn't have to listen to all this carping anymore. I still wouldn't fly if I could help it, but now it would be because it cost too much, not because it is such a miserable experience.

PaulHunt said...

I agree with Charles, I don't fly because there needs to be changes made. The airlines were lazy when they had the opportunity to upgrade to more fuel efficient planes and better business all around but they passed that up because they didn’t need to. And now that they do need to fix a problem its too late. This article I read called The Airline Waiting Game... talks about how you are starting to see the gradual changes of the airlines into something that will be nearly unrecognizable in less than a year. Its interesting and really makes you wonder what its going to be like when this day comes to fruition. P.S. I like the Tina Marie quote, and I will never feel bad for a rich person's economic situation. I really don't care or sympathize if they can't afford their payment on their Bentley.

Comrade Misfit said...

Paul, Tina owns a share in a Cessna 172. It's not as though she has a G-IV.