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Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Flight Watchmen

This is an article in today's WaPo magazine about how the Feds are keeping an eye on transportation security nationwide.

All that technology, all that interconnectivity looks impressive, until you remember that they can't figure out a way to remove Nelson Mandela's name from the Terrorist Watch List.


Mr. Natural said...

THAT would be because they are a bunch of incompetent fucking CRIMINALS, eh?

Oh golly, do I sound angry?

Comrade Misfit said...

Just a little angry. Justifiably so, imo.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Me thinks all this security is a bad idea. All these guys jammed up all the time about what might happen does not sound good. I think it is more likely they will cause trouble than prevent it. We should be looking at the source, rather than the edges. Oh, wait, that's right, we are the problem. We send a billion dollars a week to Saudi Arabia where they are running a bunch of schools to train fanatics. You want a war? Invade Saudi Arabia. Then you'll have a war.