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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Zimbabwe's Sham Election

Bush called the presidential election in Zibabwe "a sham."

Bush is, of course correct. Funny how it took over a month for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to rig the first round before they pronounced the results and it is taking them only a day or so for them to tally the vote for the second round,

But Bush has lost all credibility when it comes to elections, for if anybody knows anything about holding sham elections, it is George Bush.

1 comment:

Mark Rossmore said...

I think the only reason Bush is opening any lines of communication with Mugabe is so he can ask "Pssst, hey! You know that one party election thing where you knock off your opposition? How'd you swing it? BTW, my problem's also a black guy, LOL."

He's asked the same of Putin, but Vlad doesn't kiss and tell.