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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No "Blogswarm" Here

There is a "blogswarm" against the Iraq War today. I am not playing.

First off, it should be clear to anyone with a pulse and an IQ above the freezing point of water that this Administration will carry on with its war regardless of how many people oppose the war. 100 million people could march on Washington to oppose the war and Chimpy would merely flee to his livestock-less hobby ranch. He's not going to change his mind.

Second, the Democrats are unable, unwilling or wholly gutless in that they will not do what Congress can do: Refuse to pay for the war.

Third, I am certain, without looking at any of the news websites, that Der Monkey Fuhrer is speaking somewhere, touting his "successes". Let me remind you that every fucking thing that the Bush Administration has said about the war to date has been a lie.

No hearts and flowers. We are not viewed as liberators. The "pulling down of Saddam's statute" was not a spontaneous act of the Iraqi people. There was no pre-war coordination with al Qaeda. There were no WMDs. Iraq is not a "model democracy" and is instead tripping down the road to becoming another theocratic state like Iran or Saudi Arabia. Liberty has not "flourished." The oil resources of Iraq have not paid for the war. The insurgency is not in its "last throes," nor is it populated by a bunch of "dead-enders." The postwar looting was not "just irrational exuberance." Killing Saddam's kids or executing Saddam or killing al-Zarqawi has not ended the violence. We have "killed the top leadership of al Qaeda in Iraq" many times over. And no, victory is not "just around the corner."

Lies, lies, lies, lies. Every word Bush speaks about the Iraq War is a lie, including the words "and" and "the." Every punctuation mark in the transcripts of his and his co-conspirators' speeches is a lie. Everything is meant to throw sand in your eyes and blind you to the truths of how badly Bush has fucked up this war, how many crimes he has committed, and how low he has brought the reputation of the United States in the world as a direct result of his feckless presidency.

If you needed me to point any of this out, if any of what I have just written is news to you, you clearly have not been paying any attention to the course of the war.

And let us not forget, while Chimpy and his neo-con thugs have been making a soup sandwich out of Iraq, Afghanistan keeps sliding from bad to worse.

It is a good thing that we are still a democracy, for we, the American people, can effect a change in the conduct of the war. And we can do it on November 4th. But only if enough of us care to. We need to get rid of enough of the slavish bootlickers in Congress so that Congress can do what we sent them there for: Protect the interests of the American people, not just the hides of George Bush and his enablers. We need to elect people to Congress who will restore respect for the rule of law and respect for the Constitution as cornerstones of governance. We need to elect people who regard the Bill of Rights as the law of the land, not as only a bunch of worthless words on an old sheet of parchment.

That's your job. Doing is what matters now. Blogging matters not. Protesting matters not. Running your mouth or your keyboard matters not.

This is the time for action, and "action" means you register to vote, if you are not now registered to vote and then on November 4th, you get your dead ass down to your polling place and vote.

For if you do not vote, no matter what the outcome is, it is your fucking fault.


korova said...

Shame you are not contributing as your post seems to be entirely appropriate for the 'blogswarm'. For the record, I agree with most of what you say (particularly re the Democrats, or Republican Lite as I prefer). Personally, I contributed as I feel that as I am not a US citizen, I need to voice my opposition in another way (that and one of those who helped establish the 'swarm' is a sometime contributor to my site). Maybe, just maybe, the more people that shout the more politicians are forced to listen. However, I agree 100%. If Americans do not kick out the GOP later this year, the outcome is their 'fucking fault'.

The Earth Bound Misfit said...

I think the time for talking about "what are we to do" is over. We know what we have to do. We have to get rid of these thugs.

Question is: Will we?

RickB said...

I think your post is excellent so I am going to take the liberty and add you!!!!
If you don't want to be listed let us know but I think pointing out action is needed not just typed electronic words is a very valid contribution and one of the purposes of the swarm is to solidify thought and bring it into action.
Plus y'know, the Floyd and cats!

nolo said...

hey EBF, like the others,
i agree that yours "belongs."

i have only one question: do
you intend to vote?

i note that (like mine), your
right margin matter includes
a countdown to inaugural day,
and (like mine), a cost of
the war counter.

despite the fact that my blog
is titled "indict dick cheney",
i now believe the ballot box
is our best answer -- and sen.
barack obama has made the clearest
statement of any still in conten-
sion, against the war.

so why wouldn't a blogswarm be
an appropriate vehicle to jump-
start vote-support/vote-regis-
tration and related drives -- on-,
and off-line?

color me curious.

it only costs a few pixels to do
it, and if it leads to nothing, are
we really any worse off?

me? i'll be out next saturday,
signing up unregistered voters.
there are lots and lots of 'em
right by where i live -- but
that's just me.

do you have any other ideas?

n a m a s t é,

-- nolo

The Earth Bound Misfit said...

Oh, you bet your sweet ass that I intend to vote. The Rethugs are trying to unseat my anti-war congressman; I am giving him cash and I will vote for him.

nolo said...

now THAT'S what i'm
talkin' 'bout!

p e a c e. . .


-- nolo