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Sunday, March 20, 2022

Your Sunday Morning Jet Noise


Last week, I screwed up the posting time. By the time that I realized that I had messed up, it was far too late to retroactively post it, so I just changed the title. My apologies to all.


DTWND said...

Always thought the airframe was sweet-looking, especially considering it was the early 1940's. Not much beats German engineering.


DTWND said...

Also noticed the initial TO used partial flaps, the T&G lift off and climb had the flaps set for landing. Not many planes can go around with flaps in the landing configuration.


Comrade Misfit said...

The engines used today are about twice as powerful as the original Jumo 003s, or so I’ve heard.

Old NFO said...

That's the Collings Foundation's replica Me 262 B-1a. It's powered by powered by General Electric CJ610, which is the same engine used by Learjets, which means a 'high speed taxi' is normal unless the pilot rides the brakes! Sweet bird though! And a job well done to the folks that are building them! They have a real A model in Udvar Hazy and it is an amazing piece of tech for the 1940s.

Tod Germanica said...

Despite the untrustworthy and thirsty 1st generation engines, in WWII it was deadly and uncatchable. Until it had to, you know, land. Then hovering allied piston engine fighters got shots at it and it could blow up real good.

Eck! said...

The original Jumo engines were very weak compared to modern.
The startup for jumo was usually accompanied by flames
from the exhaust due to mixture imbalance as the
compressor was spooling up. That made them ground
huggers on take off.

The pilot had to advance throttle slow or they would do bad
things like flame out same for power reductions. That and
the operational life was very short craft and skill only
made up some for the metals available.

However it was faster than P51A with a margin. The speed
differences made gun passes on the bombers very brief. Being
a very aerodynamic bird it was very difficult to slow them
down in the air.

Dog fighting was basically use speed and run away and come
back if fuel was available. Tuning fights for jets would
wait to Korea.