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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

What is the Off-Ramp for Putin's War?

I'm not sure that there is one. Thomas Friedman doesn't think there is one. Leon Aron seems to think that Putin's risking his regime, if not his life, because this war is not what he said it would be.

My fear is that Putin will decide that the quickest way to break Ukranian resistance would be to use a small nuke or a few to break the will to resist of the Ukranian people. That will likely cause a lot of Russia's neighbors to acquire nuclear weapons. It will also break the eighty-year taboo on using nuclear weapons. It will also give the Ukrainians cause to hate the Russians until well after the birth of James T. Kirk.

Lindsey Graham upset a lot of people, but he may be proven right. It could be the only way to avoid a global catastrophe.


DTWND said...

The article makes the statement: “Putin has surrounded himself with appointees that are loyal to him, not necessarily qualified for their positions.” Sounds like the Trump administration. Hopefully the Russian Military has their own version of General Miley, someone with enough sense to avert a nuclear war.


Ombibulous said...

Stanislav Petrov is dead, unfortunately.

Tod Germanica said...

Some say give him Crimea as a sop or failure fig leaf, not sure that would be enough for the psycho. The prevailing west winds would make a 'tactical nuke' strike (as if there were such a thing) an own goal for radiation. The question is, does he care?

CenterPuke88 said...

Peace in our time, Tod?

w3ski said...

He needs a face-saving way out of his mess. He will not allow himself to be openly thought the fool he has proven to be. On the other hand, Ukraine is never going to give up. Not sure what Putin needs besides a personal asswhuping, but it needs to come soon.