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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Somebody Who Should Be Pelted With Rotten Fruit Wherever She Goes

That would be a certain neo-Nazi and useful idiot for Putin, one Laura Logan:

It wasn’t long ago that Lara Logan was a correspondent for CBS News, which is a little hard to believe considering the types of conspiracy theories she’s been pushing since she left the network. The latest came during an appearance on the right-wing podcast “And We Know,” during which Logan suggested that the theory of evolution is the result of a wealthy Jewish family paying Charles Darwin to devise an explanation for what gave rise to humanity.

That's the sort of bullshit that one might hear spouted just before a cross-burning. She has a track record of antisemetic remarks. And yes, Gentle Reader, she has been a reliable spewer of Russian propaganda points.

Frankly, she seems to be someone who has fallen down the conspiracy theory/QAnon rabbit hole and is now completely unhinged. About all she apparently hasn't been drooling about is the JFK assassination and chemtrails, but those are probably coming, sooner or later.

Bless her heart.


Ombibulous said...

I have a mild amount of sympathy for Ms. Logan. She suffered a horrific sexual assault while covering the Arab Spring uprisings (At night in a square in Egypt, surrounded by Arab men, the batteries for her film crew gave out, leaving her in the dark. Guess what happened next)and her mental decline is said to date from that event.

That said, the idea that Darwin was under the pay of the Rothschild's is straight up nuts.

Ombibulous said...

There was a 2009 movie about Darwin called "Creation". I thought it was very good, but it did not get a wide release in the US because of fundamentalist assholes. It's worth looking for.

dinthebeast said...

I don't know... CBS just hired Mulvaney, so they seem to be headed for the shitter also...

-Doug in Sugar Pine

Comrade Misfit said...

A few of the usual flying shit-monkeys came by with their barely literate comments, but the AA defenses here are pretty good.

Tod Germanica said...

CBS is just being even handed. If they hire a journalist then they also need to hire a fascist GQP hack nazi propagandist. For fairness.

Ten Bears said...

"Rothschilds" may not be the oldest "conspiracy theory" but it is the oldest uniquely American "conspiracy theory". Rooted in the christians' Massacre of the Free-Masons, it dates to The Founding and debates ore the establishment of a central bank; rearing its ugly head again in the late nineteenth century as "Zionism" and the Klu Klux Klan, and again mid-Twentieth with that little nastiness in Germany. Part and parcel of the "Protocols" forgery, the Blood Libel.

I think it a measure of desperation they're pulling stuff out of their asses that's two hundred years old.

I don't have a lot of sympathy for people who put themselves in harm's way and expect my sympathy when they're harmed. I've never shot myself in the foot; the ass or ...