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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Putin's Most Reliable Poodle in Europe, also, Fragging

Widely seen as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest ally in the European Union, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has sought to assert Hungary’s neutrality in the war in Ukraine, even as his allies in the EU and NATO assist the embattled country and punish Russia for launching the largest armed conflict in Europe since World War II.

Orban, who faces a difficult election on April 3, has refused to supply Ukraine with military aid — alone among Ukraine’s EU neighbors — and has not allowed lethal weapons to be shipped to Ukraine across Hungary’s borders.

Hungarians should well remember what it feels like to have Russian boots stamping on their faces. To not help a neighbor who is fighting for their life against a similar face reeks of something akin to cowardice or greed. The more obvious conclusion is that Orban is being loyal to his paymaster. Or that he would welcome a few Russian tank divisions to cement his hold on power, like Alexander Lukashenko. Orban may feel that it is better to rule a Russian satrap than to be a defeated politician in a free nation.

Meanwhile, back in the war:

Western officials have said they believe a Russian commander was run over by mutinous forces during the fighting in Ukraine, in a sign of what they described as the “morale challenges” faced by the invading forces.

They highlighted – and repeated – reports from earlier this week from a Ukrainian journalist that a colonel of the 37th separate guards motor rifle brigade was run over by a tank. Some reports said he had died of his injuries.

It's not a good sign when officers are being fragged.

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