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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Lie of the Putinists

One thing I've seen bruited about is a line if propaganda that Russia had to invade Ukraine bece Ukraine, like the United States, is corrupt.

Let's look at some data.

According to Transparency International, on a score of 1-100, the United States has a corruption score of 67/100, ranking 27th out of 180 nations.

Ukraine has a score of 32/100, ranking 122nd.

Russia has a score of 29/100, ranking 136th. So despite the allegations of the Putinist Right, Russia is hardly the savior of Ukraine.

Three countries are tied for first place, scoring 88/100: Denmark, Finland and New Zealand. Canada is 13th, scoring 74/100. The worst country in this hemisphere is Venezuela, scoring 14/100 and ranking 177th.

The upshot is that, once again, Putin's Trumpist apologists are lying. Because they are basically traitors who hate living in a democracy.


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