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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Gobsmackingly Stupid

Another elected GOPer:

She definately has the required level of smarts to be in the QAnon branch of the party.

But how does she manage to perform complex tasks, such as feeding herself?


dan gerene said...

When I read what she spouts I get a headache, could some one to get her to take a couple of aspirins so it will go away?

w3ski said...

As to feeding herself, who said she can? She obviously has a hard time cleaning up after herself as well.
You just can't take humanity for granted with these "people".

Eck! said...

Classic case of an idiot trying to be funny while saying
something that proves she is stupid.

She needs remedial human training.


Leo Knight said...

Regarding feeding herself, didn't she give the customers of her restaurant food poisoning?

Ten Bears said...

Speakin' of her greasy spoon: in every photo I've see of the interior, there are crosses at the bar. At the wait station as well, arranged just so. Three crosses. At the bar ...

Comrade Misfit said...

I do not trust people who wear their religion on their sleeve. Never have, never will