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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Speaking of Treasonous Fuckwads..

We are a mistake or two away from exchanging exploding ordnance with the Russians and that treasonous old fat fuck is asking Putin for favors.
That tweet was by Trump's spokecretin.

The Russians call Trump "their partner":

"Lackey" would be more accurate. Funny how the Russians got themselves so het up about neo-Nazis in Ukraine, but they are eager to employ a guy who basically takes warm showers with Nazis.

This is from conservative commentator Charlie Sykes:

And it is at this moment, amidst a brutal war of aggression, that Trump once again reached out for Putin’s help in attacking the sitting American president and, by extension, this country.

Here’s where we come to the treasonous smoking gun: Trump explicitly frames his request to Putin as an act of retaliation not just against Biden, but against the United States itself.

Some accounts leave out the key phrase that Trump uses when he explains why Putin might help him.

"As long as Putin is not exactly a fan of our country... I would think Putin would know the answer to that. I think he should release it... you won't get the answer from Ukraine... I think Putin now would be willing to probably give that answer."

As long as Putin is not exactly a fan of our country... said the former and perhaps future president at a time of international conflict.

The rest of the piece is well worth reading.

The Hamberder-Scarfing Treasonous Shitbag is openly colluding, I say again, openly colluding with a country that is somewhere between an adversary and and outright enemy of the United States. It is funny how so-called conservative still have a hard-on for Jane Fonda, while they cheerfully climb into bed with an amoral sociopath from Queens who has willingly conspired with a country that has been a major adversary, if not enemy, of the United States for most of the last seventy-seven years.

It's also funny how the far right, which bleats about the tyranny of vaccines, has aligned itself with an utter tyrant such as the Little Volodya, the Butcher of Ukraine. But I digress.

If you are a supporter of that bone-spurred traitor, then you are guilty by association. Go apply for a Russian passport, please. As long as you bring plenty of money, they'll probably be glad to have your traitorous ass.

You might also ask yourself, if you are OK with Trump's treason, ask yourself how would you react if a Democrat was asking the Tsar Vladimir of Russia for help.


DTWND said...

But, but, what about Hunter's laptop?!?!? There's STUFF on there. And Hillary! And the 1619 Project. And CRT in elementary schools? I'm not making any accusations; I'm just asking questions.

(Gotta stop watching Faux Gnus)


Tod Germanica said...

What about the missing server in the basement of Comet pizza?
What about Wayfair storage cabinets?
What about Hillary lied and thousands died BINGAZGI?
What about Dr Seuss and Mr Potato Head?

Stewart Dean said...

"treasonous old fat fuck"
Hmmmn....nice acronym, the TOFF.

Stewart Dean said...'ve hit on a comeback when you faced with the lunacies of the Q rabbithole. As it admits of no rational counter, you pile on with even MORE lunacy.

What about the Illumnati meeting in the base of the Statue of Liberty?
What about the secret Nazis in the DAR?
What about Eye in the Pyramid on the $3 bills?
WQhat about Nixon being a transexual cross-dresser?

The possibilities are endless. Out-conspiracy-theorizing the conspiracy freaks really freaks them out. Since they don't have any proof, you don't have to either, you just bury them in a blizzard of horseshit.

seafury said...

But the libs are SOOOOO owned, LOL MAGA KAAAG!!!!!!

w3ski said...

If we ask Russia for anything it should be the missing 8 hours of tRump's telephone records. You know they have all of that on tape by now.