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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Remember, There Was a Time When Republicans Weren't Lining Up to Suck Russian Dick

Times have sure changed.

Something else to remember about the Party of Treason:

1 comment:

Tod Germanica said...

Down the memory hole and forgotten. Now the treasonous Trumpite party claims they never loved Russia and Putin at all. It's easy to turn the party line at any time when your stated platform and policy is literally 'whatever word salad trump argle bargled up at his last tiki torch Nuremberg nazi rally'. Who needs policies to actually help your constituents when you can give them what they really want, hatred and cruelty. Their hipocracy is exceeded only by the white 'Christian' evangelicals, who worshipped Putin and are struggling to quit him just because he murders mothers and babies. I mean, is that so wrong? After all, demoncrats murder babies too. So both sides do it.