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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

These Clowns Are Elected Republicans

First, we have the sitting senator from Indiana, who seems to think that it's just peachy to have laws forbidding mixed-race marriages:

I gather that it didn't occur to him that the most batshit-crazy wingnut on the Supremes is in a mixed-marriage.

Next up, a recurring offender, a loyal member of Putin's Congressional Caucus

Vlad the Butcher has his American propaganda machine, showing that the far right has gone from regarding Russia as the "evil empire" to getting down on their knees to give Putin a hummer, but that's a subject for another time, perhaps.


w3ski said...

I was born to be a 60s progressive. Been this way all of my life so I can guarantee you I am not into reverting to the 50s' or any of that crap. But oh so badly I wish people like Marjorie were laughed at to the point of non-existence. When I was a kid the National Enquirer was not front-page news, now with people like her it is?
Before the 24-hour news span, fringe people had much less of a platform to spew their brand of bull. And, Russia and anything to do with it was just not allowed.
We need to purge the Russians from our government and for real this time.

Eck! said...

Its been a while since Faux News was called PravdaNY.

To me its thieves, villains and scoundrels united.

They are officially an entertainment source, not a news source.


B said...

Bad, yes.
Still not as bad as AOC.
Neither side has all winners though.

Dark Avenger said...

Still trying to paint anyone left of Woodrow Wilson as a horrid leftist/Bolshevik?

Name AOC’s sins, aside from the primary blasphemy of not bowing to the RNC before making any public statements.

dan gerene said...

I can remember when in the back of some magazines, where you were lead to so you could finish the text of an article, there would be little cartoons mixed in the story. Sometimes It would be a ragged looking person in a long robe on a soapbox spouting nonsense. Now in the "information age" they can put their half-baked opinions as fact out there but they are not funny, they can be dangerous to impressionable and gullible people.

dan gerene said...

MTG blaming Ukraine for Putin's invasion is like a burglar blaming the home owner for having things he wanted.

dan gerene said...

The difference between AOC and MTG is even they are both noisy firebrands is that AOC is trying to work for the people and MTG just likes to start fires and blame others for the smoke.

Ombibulous said...


Today's lesson is brought to you by the letter B. It can stand for Both sides. Or Broder. Or Broken. Or Bummed out that AOC won't have sex with me. B.

Eck! said...

Russia is winning, you win by loosing captured territory.

The only thing they are winning is an unpopularity contest
by doing things that proves Putin is trying to destroy
their lands and their homes. All the while exhausting
his countries (Russia) resources, economy, and military.

He's painting the ground red while backing into a corner
doing it. When he runs out, whats next?


BadTux said...

Russian "logic" around Ukraine is surprisingly similar to that of wife beaters. The wife beater yells at his wife, "look at what you made me do!" as he bloodies her nose, while if someone stops him from beating his wife they are oppressing him and it is their fault because he was not doing anything wrong, he was only doing what his wife made him do.

So Russia kills Ukrainian civilians by bombing and shelling them and yells, "look at what you made me do!" and if someone sends help to stop the beating Russia sulks with a sense of oppression. This is why the world is disgusted with Russia's behavior around Ukraine right now. Nobody likes wife beaters.