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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

A Sign of Russian Stupidity or Are They Running Out of Supplies?

American intelligence officials have discovered that the barrage of ballistic missiles Russia has fired into Ukraine contain a surprise: decoys that trick air-defense radars and fool heat-seeking missiles.

The devices are each about a foot long, shaped like a dart and white with an orange tail, according to an American intelligence official. They are released by the Iskander-M short-range ballistic missiles that Russia is firing from mobile launchers across the border, the official said, when the missile senses that it has been targeted by air defense systems.

Each is packed with electronics and produces radio signals to jam or spoof enemy radars attempting to locate the Iskander-M, and contains a heat source to attract incoming missiles. The official, who was not authorized to speak publicly about intelligence matters, described the devices on the condition of anonymity.

This is the gizmo in question:

This is what the internals look like:

There are more details in a NY Times story, which may be paywalled.

A very long time ago, I read that the Russians never exported their top-of-the-line weapons. They only exported what they called "monkey models", both because they were easier to train customer nations to operate and to prevent Western spies from getting their hands on them.

That the Russians are now using munitions that one would assume would have been designated only for use in a direct conflict with NATO suggests that either they are running low of their own stocks or there has been a major fuckup. For you can bet your paycheck that those decoys are in the hands of various analytical labs of several NATO nations by now, and that developing counter-counter measures is Job One in those facilities.


w3ski said...

Interesting seeing those ancient clunky transistors in their circuitry. They really are behind, aren't they?

dan gerene said...

It could be Russia has been throwing out the propaganda for years about how superior their technology is. Even though a pilot defected and took a MIG out of Russia in the early 80's it still could hold true what they found about their technology then. They found that the Russians were way behind the West. Such as still using vacuum tubes. But they still got a man in space before the U.S. Sometimes their simplicity works for their propaganda and sometimes it doesn't.

Comrade Misfit said...

Maybe it’s proven tech they can produce. Does Russia have a capability to make near-state-of-the-art IC chios?

Tod Germanica said...

dan gerene
It's true the MiG 25 was primitive when compared to western aircraft, using vacuum tubes and more steel components. But it was effective in its recon role, if not as a B-70 or SR-71 interceptor. The massive engines were the weak point, basically needing rebuilding or replacement after a maximum speed mission. The hulking vacuum powered radar worked well, able to burn through jamming radiation through sheer power. But the Ivans appear to have lost that 'simple yet effective' mojo. Putin moved them right into simple minded.

Stewart Dean said...

At this point, it sure seems like they're throwing jelly at the wall and hoping something sticks. Lot of it flying, many walls knocked down...but the stick quotient is down at the Keystone Kops level...for all that it's mortally not funny. Circus have clown cars, the Russians have tanks and PVs...carrying clowns, led by clowns. The master illusionist at the Kremlin is mostly illuding himself....and, of course, his hapless buddy, the Orange KickMe Klown in MarALago.
Please, this show isn't funny or even productive.

Jones, Jon Jones said...

The end game is nigh. This is chapter nine in the Dictator's Handbook.