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Friday, March 25, 2022

Last Train From Russia

The Allegro, high-speed rail service between St. Petersburg and Helsinki, is shutting down.

The Finnish government has decided that EU sanctions against Russia preclude running the train. The trains have recently been full of Russians fleeing their country. So it's possible that the Putin regime quietly asked the Finns to shut it down. Or maybe things are just as they appear to be.


BadTux said...

A recent poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Fins now want to join NATO.

Which only makes sense. After all, Finland, like Ukraine and Poland, was part of Imperial Russia too. If Russia is invading Ukraine because Ukraine was not part of NATO, and Russia is *not* invading Poland because Poland is part of NATO, then the clear and logical thing to do, for Finland, is to join NATO so that they're not next if the Russians manage to pull out a win in Ukraine (likely by leveling every city to the ground, if they can haul in enough artillery shells to do that).

Comrade Misfit said...

The Russians are getting exactly what they didn’t want: More NATO nations on their border.

The same applies to the Swedes, mostly.

BadTux said...

It will allow Russia to feel more oppressed, like a wife beater who is prosecuted for beating his wife who goes down to the bar and whines about how The Man is interfering in his marriage and hey she *made* him break her nose, right? Then wonders why everybody in the bar moves away from him and treats him like he's a piece of disgusting cow shit, then decides they're all part of the conspiracy oppressing him too.

Because Ukraine *made* Russia invade him, just like the wife beater's wife *made* him break her nose.

Wife beater logic.

And I'm just fine with the Finns making Russia feel more oppressed by preventing Russia from beating upon Finland because Finland has The Law (i.e. NATO) behind them. Wife beaters are inherently cowards (otherwise they'd be beating on someone their own size) so I feel pretty confident that Russia is not going to invade any NATO state any time soon. Even wife beaters aren't stupid enough to attempt to beat someone who is twice their size.

Comrade Misfit said...

Not merely "twice their size", but the Russian army has proven itself to be spectacularly inept at the sort of fighting needed to defeat an opponent who has more than AKs and RPGs. It doesn't help matters that the Russian military is only a bit less corrupt than the Afghan army was.